Custom & Collegiate Sports Themed Dog Toys Backed by Original Shark from Shark Tank Kevin Harrington

Pet toy company lands deal with the Original Shark from Shark
Tank, Kevin Harrington, to help with the growth and development of sports themed pet toys.

Online PR News – 17-November-2020 – Nashville, Tennessee – Nashville resident, Keith Gober, announced he’s landed a deal with the Original Shark from Shark Tank, Kevin Harrington, to help with the growth and development of pet toy company, Mangled Mascots. Mangled Mascots is a first of it’s kind pet product company and has achieved a difficult but prestigious benchmark for brands with securing Collegiate Licensing Company licensing for pet products with top 10 colleges including LSU, Michigan State, Oklahoma, & Vanderbilt University.

Mangled Mascots was officially backed by Kevin on 2/19/2020. Founder Keith Gober says, “Partnering with such an amazing person and businessman confirmed what I knew about the need for Mangled Mascots."

Established in 2016 out of necessity, his team including Lucy Gober the golden retriever and R & D extraordinaire, his wife, Robin Gober, and business partner, Alex Dowdy, have been instrumental in building the brand to what it is today. Made in the USA with passion for sports, pets and pet owners alike, Mangled Mascots has a customer first approach to craftsmanship and uniquely provides pets and pet owners with a bonding experience over game day.

The most intriguing part of this brand may be it’s one-of-a-kind rival themed concepts or the fact the customer can customize their dog’s toy to have anything they want printed on it. From complete customization to being the first pet product involved in college rivalry, Mangled Mascots has created a new way for the passionate dog lover to show love for their favorite furry friends.

More top colleges are in the final stages of product approval including University of Auburn and University of Tennessee. Now with the addition of Kevin Harrington, the future of this brand is truly unobstructed. Kevin has already brought a level of expertise to the brand by being the thought leader behind customization of the toys.

“I’m excited to launch this product to all dog lovers.” Kevin enthusiastically endorses the product on video.

This brand opens up two options to the consumer that didn’t previously exist; customization, meaning the user can upload their own picture to be printed on the dog toy, and collegiate sport themed dog toys.

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