Automate HR functions using Cognitive Agent - Launch announcement

Times are very different now than they used to be pre Covid 19. Every aspect of the employees lives have changed.

Online PR News – 12-November-2020 – Stamford – Pune (NLPBots) 11 Nov: Times are very different now than they used to be pre-Covid 19. Every aspect of the employee's lives have changed. Many Tech enterprises like ours have actually increased productivity, unfortunately, we cant estimate at what cost! This is challenging as the actual cost could be disastrous for the enterprise if it leads to fatigue, dissatisfaction, etc. The enterprises have to deal with this issue now rather than later when it may be too late.

The enterprise has to ensure that every employee is always connected to the enterprise. This is not practical as even the other employees that represent the enterprise may also be facing the same problem. The enterprise has to have its own intelligence that caters to every employee with every need of theirs. This could be their personal equation with the enterprise i.e. attendance regularisation, leave management, salary slips and other documentation, Form 16 downloads, performance letters, etc. or this could also be being connected to their core responsibility areas within production, sales, HR, etc. Apart from these there may also be other aspects they may need help with including their IT infrastructure, access, and basically any aspect of their well-being including mental health, coaching, and upskilling.

Enter the multifunctional cognitive agents (NLPBots) that can be deployed across channels (Microsoft teams, Whatsapp, Hangouts, on their intranet or mobile app, etc) that are integrated with their enterprise systems. The NLPbots are currently deployed in various industries across verticals like manufacturing, automobile, telecom, banks, and other financial institutions catering to their employees' needs across functions. They have different avatars like Genie in Mahindra and Mahindra (winner of the SAP ACE award) or USHA in Ultratech Cement or SARA across various enterprises using Adrenaline HRMS.

This AI platform will be available to enterprises and partners to access and create use cases for themselves or their clients on 25th November at 16:00 hours. You can register by visiting the site . SI’s, OEMs, software companies, HRMS providers can benefit from this platform to create AI solutions for their clients and products.

To understand more about the various processes it can automate and how it will benefit the users you can refer to the blog “employee centric processes” and also the importance of having the multifunctional cognitive agent is a chatbot for these requirements.

Once these NLPbots are deployed you can rest assured that every employee within the enterprise can engage with AI for all their needs and resolve their issues, get information, trigger processes, etc.

NLPBots is built on proprietary algorithms and AI networks and has been recognised by all the major software companies (Microsoft / Oracle / SAP, etc) Hardware (NVIDIA / CISCO/ etc), Tech Research companies (NASSCOM / IDC / etc) and tech conferences over the globe (Silicon Valley, Helsinki, Germany, Lisbon, Singapore, Bulgaria, Dubai etc)