ConsignmentTill POS Software - New Version 5.0

An overview of the changes and new features added to ConsignmentTill (ConsignTill) POS software.

Online PR News – 11-November-2020 – Prince George, BC – Version 5.0 Updates List

- Quantity Pricing (Add New Item): Ability to set a price based on quantity sold.

- POS: ConsignTill will now record the discounts you’ve applied at POS for future review.

- Shopify Integration:
> Compare Price: The “compare price” will only be set (in Shopify) when item is discounted. This way merchants can create a Shopify “Collection” to list products that are currently “on sale” (Compare Price > 0).
> Vendor (consignor name): Format of the consignor’s name is changed to “FirstName LastName” (was: ID – LastName, Firstname).
> Refund Tax Issue: When pushing a Shopify order into ConsignTill, taxes may be different than a local order (out of Province/State). ConsignTill can adjust this at POS, but did not save the rate used for that particular order. As such, ConsignTill was calculating the taxes (for the return) based on a typical local order. Now if your Shopify order adjusts the taxes (at POS), ConsignTill will save the tax rates used (for reference to refunds).

- Item Name field: The character length of the field was extended to 60 (from 30). With your current price-tag designs, this might cause an issue with printing your price tags. As such, the Price-Tag Designer now incudes a field to enter the number of characters to split and create a second line (default is 30). So, if you do decide to use Item Names longer than 30 characters, you should review/edit your Price-Tag designs (provide space for two lines).

- Quick Sell: Ability to provide a quantity when adding item to POS

- C/C Fees to Consignor: New field to enter a percent-drop for Debit transactions. For example, you can enter 3 for Credit-Card, and 2 for a Debit-Card transaction.

- Buy Merchandise (buy-outright): Feature to automatically calculate the item’s Cost based on the selling price entered. Explanation: Some merchants pay a seller a percentage based on the retail market value.

- Review Orders: Ability to print a Gift Receipt (if not printed at POS)

- Add New Item/List (if Shopify Integration activated): The ability to save a link to an image (or webpage) and have this display at POS, is back.

- Consignor Accounts:
> When adding a new consignor, ConsignTill will no longer ask if you want to create a customer account as well. If you want to create a customer account when adding new consignors, there is a checkbox in Options to do so.
> When changing a consignor’s Contract, ConsignTill will ask if you want to update existing items in inventory.

- Clerk Access Control: Merchants can now limit access to forms/features based on individual Clerk Accounts.

- End-of-Day Reports: In addition to Print or View/Export report, you can now Email report to administrator (email saved in Options).

- Review Inventory (Price Adjust): New feature to “Reverse” a percent discount applied to a list of items. For example, you want to discount all inventory under a specific consignor’s account for the weekend. To do this, you’d use the “Price Adjust” feature. Now, after the weekend, you can select the remaining items and “reverse” the percent discount you applied before. Note: This feature is assuming you have not altered (manually) pricing after discount was applied (feature is a calculation, not a save of original price before discount).