Market Maker Leads Creates New Category in Real Estate Agents: Pre-Positioned Appointments™

What used to cost thousands in ISA’s, in-house marketing staff, lead generation platforms, etc. now costs one low monthly fee and out performs them all.

Online PR News – 06-November-2020 – Springfield, MO – Mike Oddo began his journey in the Real Estate world in 1999. He quickly realized how much hard work and long hours are required to succeed in this industry.

As he continued learning, he found that the reason many real estate agents struggle is simply because they don’t realize that they are actually in the business of marketing. Once he understood this, he was then able to dive deep into learning and implementing marketing. Once he found direct response online marketing, his real estate business skyrocketed.

Through marketing, Mike was able to create a system that delivered more business than he would ever be able to handle. Because of this, he began to hire other agents to help with the overflow, and his team was born. With help from his team, Mike became the number one agent in his market at twenty-six years old.

Mike took the online platform he created for his real estate practice and began offering it to other agents. In 2013, Market Maker was born and the business took off. Mike sold his real estate brokerage to focus full time on helping agents grow their business through leveraging online direct response marketing through his software. Market Maker has been on the INC 500/5000 list for fastest-growing privately held U.S. companies twice in a row!

Pre Positioned Appointments™ is a brand new process built around a marketing term: positioning. Essentially this system generates the lead nurtures the lead by elevating the agent’s status in the mind of the lead as an expert in the market and finally delivering the lead directly as an appointment in the agent’s calendar. What used to cost thousands in ISA’s in-house marketing staff lead generation platforms etc. now costs one low monthly fee and out performs them all.

After generating 11 million leads and working with thousands of agents nationwide he found that agents who worked with lead generation companies rarely had the success they ought to have. He, as well as most lead generation companies, merely dump hundreds of leads into the agent’s lap, effectively tripling the amount of work agents have on their plates.

Agents with a significant lead flow would repeatedly waste hundreds of leads a month that they paid for, simply because they were too busy to contact them. Each lead, to get the most out of them, requires 8-12 contact attempts per lead. So, for every 100 leads, this would require 800-1,200 dial attempts. In addition, today’s marketing requires follow up campaigns, video blogs, and retargeting sequences. Mike saw a shift in the business because only the top 1% of mega agents had the resources required to effectively implement these strategies. Even with all of these systems in place, if one hundred leads were generated, only 20 would be in the buying process, and of those 20, only 1-3 would truly end up buying or selling. Agents felt robbed, overworked, and often eventually burnt out.

Through this experience, Mike decided to level the playing field between mega teams and agents who were in between getting started and hitting a higher level of success. He thought to create an all-inclusive system that not just generated the lead but nurtured the lead in a way that elevated the agents status in the mind of the lead and ultimately delivered the lead directly to the agent's calendar. This would allow the agent to shortcut all of the cost and time to implement what the mega agents already had. It would be like a “real estate team in a box” all done for the agent for the price of a print ad in most markets.

It worked. Market Maker’s agents today simply wake up each morning to see what new appointments are on their calendar. The platform calls them and their appointment at the scheduled time, so all the agent needs to do is answer their phone.

Gone are the days of sifting through and wasting hundreds of leads depending on who the lead is assigned to. Every single lead on Market Maker gets contacted through a combination of AI and human elements and receives expert follow-up, retargeting campaigns, and video blogs automatically. What used to cost thousands in ISA’s, in-house marketing staff, lead generation platforms, etc. now costs one low monthly fee and outperforms them all.

The process we created is truly an entirely new category named Prepositioned Appointments™

Positioning is a marketing term not widely used in the real estate industry. However, the idea is to imagine if someone were to watch a documentary about you prior to meeting with you for your services, they would feel differently about you and hold you in higher regard. That’s the difference between the old school lead generation model and what Market Maker is now able to offer.

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