How to Get Eligible for a free Firm Mattress If You’re a frontline Warrior?

In this pandemic if someone deserves a deep uninterrupted sleep, they’re our doctors, nurses & frontline warriors fighting with coronavirus.

Online PR News – 06-November-2020 – Edmonton, AB – Tangerine foam the leading firm mattress manufacturer is donating one hundred firm mattresses to healthcare professionals due to coronavirus pandemic.

If you’re a practicing healthcare professional or active first responders you’re eligible for this giveaway. This includes all doctors, nurses, pharmacists who are legal residents of Canada.You can enter in this giveaway on their website i.e

Free Firm Mattress Online Offer*

Tangerine foam only uses rich premium quality plant based latex & foam to curate their firm mattresses. It takes good care & ensures adequate support for your back. If you have a sleeping hand or a back/stomach sleeper, these firm beds will sleep all day. Not only are they bed bugs proof but also breathable and offer a cool sleeping experience.

How can I enter?

You will access the gift form if you are qualifying for a free mattress by filling out the form on your donation page using your employer's email address. During the gift era, you can only join once a day. The form of mattress donation takes place daily at 10:00 am. If the condition is not shown, it indicates that 1000 entrants have already been submitted. The form will be entered as soon as the donation is available; all 1,000 beds were demanded by the web site within the first minute of Nov 8. The free pillow service continues until Nov 10, 2020.

The donation of one hundred mattresses was possible due to the contribution of their subsidiary companies MMF & cost approximately $100,000

Tangerine foam is proud to partner with Make My Foam to give away the free mattresses to healthcare workers in the entire Canada in this pandemic says Bob Marlow, Chief Executive Officer of Tangerine Foam. Although the world faces higher levels of stress and anxiety, health care workers face unparalleled difficulties every day when taking care of patients in hospital with COVID-19. Adequate rest is more necessary for them than ever.

We agree that quality rest is now more relevant than ever, to enhance the well being of our health workers. By providing a one-hundred firm mattress to the health-care community, we wish to express our gratitude and appreciation for their help" said Joaane Agero, President and CFO of the Mattress Company.

Tangerine Foam is proud to partner with Mattress Firm to provide free pillows to healthcare workers across the country during this challenging time," said Bob Marlow, Chief Executive Officer of Tangerine Foam. "Thank you for your devotion, the colour mattresses are our way of saying, and we hope you can get the consistency that you deserve," Marlow said.

At Tangerine Foam, helping people get a great night's sleep has always been our passion, and we know it's even more critical during times of stress and uncertainty. Many organizations, including the Center for Disease Control, highlight sleep as one way you can support yourself to stay healthy as we all do our best to navigate this time. To learn more about how sleep can help reduce stress and boost your immune system.

About Tangerine Foam: Since 2011, Tangerine foam has made it easy to sleep for the night with a well-known range of high-quality mattresses from the finest brands delivered to our customers. Today we became the most optimistic sleeping authority in Canada by having our clients at the forefront of all our businesses, with more than dozens of neighbourhood shops. About three million people a year help our experts find the best sleep cure. The options include leading labels including Rock Hard Firm Mattress, High Density Firm Mattress, Sunkissed Firm Mattresses both of which are available on our mattresses and bedding accessories. In conjunction with the Ticket to Dream Foundation, the Tangerine foam’s Foster Kids initiative provides three compilation events a year to help children sleep easier, helping them shape their future, in neighbourhoods across the world.

To make a purchase you may visit the showroom. However, you can shop for firm mattresses online too. To buy firm mattresses you can also call 780-453-7997 for assistance.