The made in Italy technology to sanitize air and surfaces developed by PUREAIRION comes from space.

Pureairion, from Italy, has created SHU, the sanitary habitat unit to sanitize closed environments like houses, gyms, schools, cinemas, theaters, churches...

Online PR News – 04-November-2020 – Venice - Italy – From the Academy of the arts in Rome to Naples at the School of Music of, passing through several gyms, schools, cinemas, theaters,churches, dental offices, pharmacies, clothing stores, our purifying generators are been purchased and used throughout Italy.

"To look into space, or rather to research conducted by NASA, was Bruno Spoladore, an entrepreneur from Venice, CEO of Pureairion, who in 2010 had an intuition: the technology developed to make space vectors habitable by one or more human beings, with breathable and sanitized air, it could also be used on Hearth. Intuition and perseverance are the ingredients of the history of those who have been able to look far towards space and the future.

The (not easy) task was to create a product that had disinfection capable of eliminating viruses, bacteria, various types of pathogens and pollutants, however safe for people and animals and effective inside environments larger than a NASA space shuttle.

Pure air ion was founded in 2013 for the research and development of an air purification system that uses the advanced photo-catalytic hydrated oxidation system, with the aim of evolving and improving the technology created by NASA.

In recent years Pureairion has found solutions for the decomposition of harmful organic and inorganic substances using EHG (electrons and holes generator) technology: this not only exploits the effect of direct UVC light to destroy the DNA of pathogenic microorganisms but is mainly based on the generation of a reactive blanket of electrons through a special semiconductor designed by the company itself. This semiconductor, which is made up of precious metals at the nano level, is a trade secret of Pureairion and is used in the SHU "sanitary habitat unit" electron generator.

In the heart of SHU we also find high efficiency optoelectronic UVC LEDs created and produced in Italy specifically for the SHU EHG air purifier project.

In recent years it has been tested in various types of workplaces and environments, as well as in the medical and health sectors, from dental offices to resuscitation departments. The power of the system is therefore optimized in relation to the volume of air in the room and the number of occupants residing there.

Pureairion has also collaborated with Paduan companies that have begun to industrialize the product. Thanks to the NASA technology born in the USA, and thanks to the work done in Italy to improve its efficiency and above all to adapt it to the new application it was intended for has made this new air purification system a jewel of innovation Made in Italy and now sold all over the world.

In 2021 Pureairion, in collaboration with ASTREL inTreviso, will also produce the SHU series with home automation control, which will allow the verification of the operation of the machine and the monitoring of air quality.

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