ASPER BROTHERS Publishes New Report on Efficient Solutions to the Challenges of IT Outsourcing

The software outsourcing report created by the ASPER BROTHERS shows the challenges facing entrepreneurs who use external IT services in times of pandemic.

Online PR News – 03-November-2020 – Warsaw, Poland –

The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on all sectors of the economy and forced entrepreneurs to reorganize the work systems of many companies. IT outsourcing became extremely popular on the wave of changes that took place during the crisis and lockdown. The software house ASPER BROTHERS created a software outsourcing report for entrepreneurs using external IT services to help them overcome the challenges they face.


According to Statista, total global expenditure on IT services would hit $1.1 trillion in 2020 and tech outsourcing would become a rising part of the pie. However, this prediction was made by Statista before the pandemic, so it is expected to rise dramatically. Acting with foreign clients every day, ASPER BROTHERS are no stranger to the day-to-day complexities of IT outsourcing encountered by both sides of the process. Seeing how many of these problems seem to recur, and how surprisingly straightforward, it is to get (at least some of them) out of the way of successful ventures, they have chosen to write it all in a helpful guide for tech leaders around the world. But they didn't want to focus on their expertise. Dozens of CTOs from Europe, Asia, North America and Australia were surveyed in Q4 2019 and the respondents represented both small businesses (up to 10 workers) and large enterprises with several thousand employees in various industries.


Communication may sound like an easy thing. But its not. Its a complex and delicate matter. Especially when outsourcing. Agile at least when well performed guarantees excellent conversation in good remote software projects and this is also what most CTOs recommend as a solution- said Mike Jackowski and Pawel Jackowski ASPER BROTHERS founders.

The study will show you, among other aspects, the day-to-day obstacles encountered by tech executives who outsource app production around the world and the realistic strategies and approaches they use to solve them. Our founders will clarify to you why connectivity between partners is so crucial and how to strengthen it even further. The study also provides useful advice to make it easy for your in-house staff and software partner and the actual cost of outsourcing software development.


Main conclusions from the report:  Tech leaders often highlight the importance of agile methodologies in overcoming communication challenges and syncing internal and external teams.  Although we live in the age of tech and plenty of tools out there, the most helpful way to communicate is still talking to other people (emails turn out not to be that great).  The external team needs to know not only WHAT they're building but WHY. And it's your job to tell that.  Paying less most often means getting less – and there's no workaround.  Asked about ways to deal with communication differences, two- thirds of our respondents focused on the relationship, while only 33% declared authentic software tools.


As mentioned above, the pandemic has greatly affected the development of IT outsourcing, rendering it a relevant field for many businesses. ASPER BROTHERS are constantly generating specific data and assuming advice from CTOs worldwide about how to cope with the pandemic and what resources to use to enhance remote work. The findings will be released shortly. You can download the report here.



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