New Coloring Book Available To Improve Health And Citizenship And Promote Progressive Values

The Progressive coloring book, created for the health benefits of coloring such as decreased stress, increased resilience and to inspire each other to vote.

Online PR News – 04-November-2020 – Los Angeles, CA –

New coloring book available to improve health and citizenship and promote progressive values.   Progressive organizations have worked hard to grow its membership and get its members to the polls for Progressive candidates and causes. As people face the most difficult challenges in many of our lifetimes, too often people are giving up when they are needed to show up more than ever even after the election.  


The new Progressive adult coloring book was created to help progressives and Progressive organizations inspire each other and create victories at every level at the polls and in communities.  


This tool for visualizing an election win will affect more than just voter turnout. It covers all the known and unknown factors like voting machines working, overcoming fake news and voter misunderstandings, legal challenges, misbehaving politicians, and unanticipated things. Visualizing an election win sends a powerful message to our collective subconscious that science says is a million times more powerful than our conscious minds [1] and connects to our higher power that religions say is infinite. That is why they say, “The Lord works in mysterious ways.” And very successful people from Oprah to sports and Olympic champions visualize success as well as working hard.    


Progressive Coloring Book video story   Anyone can download the free picture of the largest progressive voter turnout in history to color. The pictures can be shared online to motivate and inspire whole movements and individuals to vote for progressive candidates and causes.


The free picture is available at . The finished colored pictures of a historic voter turnout can be shared on twitter at #ProgressiveVision and on other social media. The free sample page from the Progressive Coloring Book is just one of the many inspiring pictures that can be colored in to stay motivated and to experience the benefits of reducing stress and anxiety.   [1]                                                                          ###      

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