A Website Speeds up the Delivery of Christmas Parcels

A clever website allows addresses to be written in all languages, speeding up the delivery of parcels abroad.

Online PR News – 29-October-2020 – London, UK – Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many students and “expats” living abroad will not be able to return home for Christmas this year. This makes Christmas parcels filled with local delicacies such as gingerbread, Dundee cake and Christmas pudding all the more important.

The website http://sedamo.info/ of the service d'adresse mondial helps to write the address in the language of the destination country to ensure the fastest possible delivery—so that all parcels will arrive safely before Christmas.

An example: A parcel to China with an address written in English takes between three and eight weeks to arrive. With an address in Chinese characters, at best only four days! But how do you write the address if you don't master Chinese?

The worldwide address service service d'adresse mondial shortens each address to just 8 letters in two simple steps:

1. The **recipient** of a parcel looks up the sedamo address code at http://sedamo.info/ for her/his own address. She/He transmits this code of only 8 letters to the sender.
2. The **sender** uses this code to print the foreign address in international format.

When using sedamo, only the (public) address is encoded (as it appears on the street sign); no registration with name / e-mail is required. Each address is shortened to only eight letters.

** Less than 40% of all countries write addresses in Latin **

When using service d'adresse mondial, the delivery is considerably accelerated, without any additional postage costs. How can this be? Because in the international post office of the destination country, the time-consuming “deciphering” of the address written in Latin transcription is no longer necessary. The parcel can be forwarded immediately to the “normal” delivery! Because our Latin alphabet (“ABC”) is the familiar script in less than 40% of all countries: own alphabets or characters are much more common. If you also take into account accents (à, ç, ê, ñ), umlauts (ä, ?) and special characters (ß), only two countries remain which write their addresses in “pure” Latin script: the Netherlands and the USA.

Using sedamo, the addresses are printed in the language of the destination country. The address is formatted according to the specifications of the Universal Postal Union.

• British Embassy in Moscow, Russia: http://sedamo.info/TY-BD-CX-GQ
• US Embassy in Moscow, Russia: http://sedamo.info/YF-DF-YP-DW
• British Embassy in Peking, China: http://sedamo.info/XY-YM-EA-KR
• US Embassy in Peking, China: http://sedamo.info/JT-JY-GJ-UA

Using sedamo, any address can be easily transmitted and easily printed by the sender without special software and without the installation of foreign fonts. All sweets can arrive safely for Christmas!