Antar app launched

Introducing Antar: A Window to Your Inner World. Make better decisions by aligning your thoughts and emotions.

Online PR News – 28-October-2020 – San Francisco, California – We created Antar to help you rediscover yourself. Like a chat, journaling, and mood tracking app rolled into one, Antar gives you a safe platform to explore your inner world. With its conversational interface, you can freely voice your thoughts and feelings, adopting unique personas to access different sides of yourself. It’s like texting with a trusted friend.

Whenever you’re lost in thought or facing a tough decision, you can launch Antar and start a new dialogue with yourself. At the start of each session, you’ll select personas to represent the various moods and identities influencing your thinking. For example, if you’re deciding whether or not to take a new job, you might choose the Optimist and the Pessimist, then hash out all the pros and cons of accepting the position.

As you adopt personas, you give them the stage to share their wisdom and perspective. It’s much like method acting — you’re temporarily stepping into a character and embodying their traits. In the case of challenging personas, like Shame, this embodiment experience can be tough, but quite healing. By sitting with the discomfort, you open the door to self-awareness and integration, especially when positive personas like Compassion and Self-Love weigh in too. Your dialogue can bring the subconscious to light.

Unlike journaling, which calls for steady thought progression, Antar’s chat format allows you to jump seamlessly between ideas and personas as new thoughts arise. As you engage, you can build on previous messages, starting threads to organize your thoughts. When you’re ready to take a step back, you can switch over to visualization mode to see your thoughts take shape. From this vantage point, it’s easier to spot the thought patterns that keep you feeling stuck.

The Concept Behind Antar
Antar was inspired by the work of respected scientists and thinkers like Richard C. Schwartz and Edward De Bono. Schwartz is the mind behind Internal Family Systems (IFS), a psychotherapy approach that helps people access subpersonalities within their minds in order to see complex issues from different perspectives. Similarly, De Bono created the concept of the Six Thinking Hats, which helps people combine rational thinking with emotion to allow for more creative problem-solving.

Antar takes the best from both, uniting therapeutic and critical thinking concepts to help you connect to your rational and emotional sides. We recognize that both are key to effective decision-making. The more you engage, the easier it becomes to identify your thought patterns, sharpen your critical thinking skills, and make decisions that honor your true needs and desires. With greater awareness, you can change your mind and transform your world.

Antar works completely offline, storing all the data on the device. So, you can explore your depths without worrying about privacy.

Try It Free Today

Antar is available for free on the Google Play Store. Download it today to open the window to your inner world.