Swiflearn Launches It's Scholarship Program

SATS is an initiative taken by Swiflearn to give an opportunity to all students to check their preparation levels and get national rankings over the lead.

Online PR News – 27-October-2020 – Gurgaon, Haryana – An early start for a kid will not only help them to build a strong base but also they will be more confident while appearing in a Class Test to Board Examinations.

To motivate your child's growth. Swiflearn has launched a Scholarship program SATS or (Swiftlearn Academic Test Series) from Class 5th to 10th which will not only help you to fund your child's studies but also your child will be highly motivated and will receive recognition and awards from us.

SATS is a customized set of tests that are conducted on a weekly and monthly basis, the moment student signup for SATS at the prescribed time of SATS the test is visible for students under the practice test section of your profile once you have logged in.

The questions of the test are prepared by the highly qualified teachers and subject matter experts which is similar to the CBSE/ICSE course structure and also helps the student with the revision and for the crucial education years where a student has to clear all the concepts and build a strong base for the upcoming examinations and higher education classes.

It's a well-said quote that tutors can be hired at a price but "Education" does not and which is why for your student to learn and earn education SATS exams are completely free of cost. Hence we at Swiflearn do not charge any Signup fees or enrollment charges and during the entire SATS structure of examinations conducted monthly/ weekly or rather you can say there are no hidden charges whatsoever.

After the signup is completed, The scheduled for the prescribed date of attempting for the test slot will be visible in the prescribed time and you have to finish all of your papers since it is a restricted and time-bound paper and once the time is over you cannot attempt for questions in the paper anymore. After the examinations are completed the results will appear in the Swiflearn Leaderboard.

What is the SATS Examination Pattern?

- MCQ's or Multi Choice Questions are better in testing the core understanding of concepts and pace of solving for Class 5th to 10th

- Subjective Questions are better for testing the writing skills to help in scoring better in boards and school examinations.

Therefore what to wait for, you can logon to https://swiflearn.com/sats to participate in the examination. Prepare well to avail the scholarships and make yourself and your parents proud.

Hope to see you there! Good Luck!