Room And Resource Scheduling Software

The DeskFlex conference room software allows companies to manage their conference room while ensuring workplace safety protocols.

Online PR News – 27-October-2020 – Chicago, IL – Coronavirus pandemic changes the way companies work. Team members are working from home or working with just a few hours in the office. Most of the time, it may seem absurd to use conference room booking solutions with people out of the office. But the fact that the offices are partly empty, installing hardware and customizing your conference room and desks will have the least impact on productivity. Having fewer people at the venue will make the process quick and smooth as there are fewer obstructions.

This era of social distancing will stay indefinitely. And conference room booking solutions can help you manage your conference room that complies with the COVID19 protocols.

Now, the question is, how can conference room software help you adapt to the changes brought by the pandemic?

Set Room Capacity
Companies are now reopening their workspaces and offices. As they resume their operations, people will need to work within 6 feet away and have less gathering with few attendees.

When booking conference rooms, you can limit how many people can enter the conference room for each meeting. With small gatherings, the risk of virus spread will reduce among team members.

Quick Contact Tracing Process
Just one sick team member can infect more colleagues or the whole office. It implies a decline in productivity and threatening everyone's safety. Before the virus spreads, the manager must act quickly and accordingly.

When booking conference rooms, the organizer can use the DeskFlex conference room software to let the team members log-in and inputs their personal information in the system. With the information readily at hand, the manager can quickly trace those who associate with the infected person and isolate them before infecting others.

Schedule Automatic Disinfecting of Rooms After Use
The virus is contagious. It can spread to the things around you, including the door handle, chairs, table, and many more. So, cleaning and disinfecting every after and before use is necessary for conference rooms.

The DeskFlex conference room software has automatic scheduling of workspaces. The user can set the meeting time limit when booking conference rooms, and the cleaning staff will receive alerts that signal them to clean the room.

Benefit from Your Empty Offices with the DeskFlex Conference room booking solutions!
Implementing conference room software amid the Coronavirus provides two main reasons and benefits. First and foremost, no one can't tell when the next global epidemic will come when nearly all team members are out of their offices. Now is the best time to implement conference room booking solutions to manage your booking conference rooms and workspaces efficiently without impacting productivity.

Second, not everyone will recover from COVID19 the same way. Other companies are reopening offices, while another remains closed. Others are gaining from the effects it brings, while some are struggling because of the loss of their incomes. Improving your conference rooms and workspaces will help your company recovers quickly compared to other businesses in your industry.