Jersey Shore Twins to Appear on Dr. Phil Seeking Help for Deadly Addiction

Brittany and Erica Taltos, who were on Season 4 of Jersey Shore will appear on Dr. Phil to come clean about their alcohol addiction

Online PR News – 26-October-2020 – Los Angeles, California – Brittany and Erica Taltos, best known for “Twinning” on Jersey Shore, will appear on Tuesday’s episode of the Dr Phil Show. In 2012, the twins became famous for partying with the Jersey Shore cast. Today, the pair openly speak about their mental health struggles. During the show, Dr Phil exposes one of the twins’ dark and dangerous addiction which began while partying with the Jersey Shore cast years ago. Even though both twins admit to being alcoholics, Erica, confesses that her addiction is far worse than her twin sisters.

Brittany, who recently released an addiction memoir titled, Girl Wasted, accuses Erica of being “jealous of her success in sobriety.” The once famous duo bicker and place blame on each other while Dr. Phil highlights the severity of Erica’s dependence by presenting a compilation of videos recorded while she was blacked out.

The Dr. Phil website includes a description of Tuesday’s episodes which states:
“Brittany says she and her identical twin sister, Erica, at one time both battled a severe alcohol addiction. Brittany says she is now sober, but Erica has continued her addiction and is lucky to be alive after 30 hospitalizations and 14 comas, as a result of drinking alcohol, cleaning supplies, and even bug spray to feed her addiction. Their mother, Tani, has allowed Erica to live with her, but three weeks ago, she kicked her daughter out of her home, leaving Erica homeless and committed to a psychiatric ward of a hospital after she was found in a hotel room incoherent from drinking bottles of hand sanitizer. After spending over a week in the hospital, Erica was discharged and travelled to Los Angeles with two sober escorts to face her identical twin and her mother.”