Keeback announces the pre-order of the most advanced digital backpack in the world

Announcing the first-of-its-kind wearable technology backpack that’s designed to power modern and mobile lifestyle.

Online PR News – 22-October-2020 – Washington D.C. – The nascent Internet of Things (IoT) market is about to see the entry of a new wearable device that tech blogs are already dubbing, “the backpack of the future”. The Keeback reimagines the backpack to power the needs of a modern, mobile lifestyle -- and it reimagines it with style, connectivity, and fun in mind.

Enthusiastic fans and supporters have rallied in anticipation of its launch on October 20, 2020; contributing to over 10 million social media engagements since its first appearance on social media last year. Unlike most IoT wearables that consumers are familiar with, the Keeback is not only practical and functional in its innovative uses; It stands out as a tool of self-expression and creative output. It’s designed to reflect the voice, the vibe, and style of its global consumer base.

The most discussed values of the Keeback include:

1. Personalization and self expression. An unprecedented 1044 pixel flexible LED screen allows you to personalize your Keeback with fun animations, custom text, colors, and music through an accompanying mobile app for Android and IOS users.

2. Music on the go. Keeback has two built-in, high quality speakers to fuel your life with music on the go. The speakers are powered by a rechargeable battery allowing for upto 24 hours of media use!

3. Safety: The LED panel automatically adjusts to different light settings; keeping you highly visible while on a bike or motorcycle. When it comes to safety, the Keeback has your back.

4. Anti-theft. An on-board GPS system detects when the Keeback has been misplaced or stolen, and sends an alert with GPS coordinates to your smartphone. Consider your Keeback protected.

5. Travel Friendliness: Not only does the Keeback’s expanded battery life keep your mobile devices charged; itss batteries are rechargeable, and ejectable to meet TSA travel guidelines.

6. Changeable Shells. You don’t have to change your bag to match your style; just pop up the hardshell, and swap it for a design that matches your look for the day. The Hardshell design is designed to withstand bumps; and is weatherproof.

The Keeback changes the game on what is possible with a backpack; and three years of R&D, 200 customer interviews, and six product iterations later, the Keeback is ready to share its groundbreaking experience with its rapidly growing fan base.

The Keeback is available for pre-order on October 20, 2020. A 20% discount is available to the first 1,000 orders where you can claim your keeback for $399.00 (normal retail $499). Learn more and be the first to know when the Keeback goes live for pre-order at