Debut Single Highlights Our Collective COVID Angst

Original Song Portrays People Behaving Badly: "Ricochet,” sums up collective angst and expresses it with a quirky take on someone going around-the-bend.

Online PR News – 19-October-2020 – Los Angeles, CA – New female-fronted Indie-Rock artist Mike and Mandy release their debut original single, “Ricochet,” which sums up our collective COVID angst and expresses it with a quirky take on someone going around-the-bend. A driving new wave beat and an unexpected shift in time signature evokes the bumper car ride as the main character heads for rock bottom.

We’ve all seen friends/family pursue self-satisfaction at all costs. Call it addiction or bouncing between romantic partners, the pull to self-destruct can seem limitless. “Ricochet” tells the story of a single mother on a downward spiral, alongside a concerned school principal and a shady uber driver. She’s clearly headed for a crash. And we can’t help but listen.

Mike and Mandy are a married couple who share songwriting, producing, and performing. Both lost jobs at the beginning of the pandemic, but an even bigger loss was the cancellation of their weekly live gigs as a cover band. With nothing to lose, they turned the lack of possibilities into an opportunity to pursue long-buried dreams of recording original material at home, while submitting on lentils and rice. Both in recovery, each knows from experience what rock-bottoms look like, and “Ricochet” encapsulates a journey that too many know all too well. Streaming everywhere on Monday, October 19. Music Video on Youtube.

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