She Boss Up Grant Winner Announcement - Congratulations to the 12 Awardees!!

She Boss Talk is proud to announce the award of grants to 12 extraordinary business women to help support their struggling businesses due to the pandemic.

Online PR News – 18-October-2020 – Cleveland, OH – The She Boss Up Grant Fund is an initiative to support and empower women entrepreneurs in the U.S. facing economic hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic with financial relief to help them rise and thrive. This October being National Women's Small Business Month, there's no better way to mark it than by lending a hand to women who need support.

“Out of 300 deserving applicants, She Boss Talk celebrates 12 women with inspirational stories that deserve the relief funds,” said Shanté R. Roddy, founder of She Boss Talk. “We love to see women win, and that's why we decided to build a fund to help keep their businesses going, empower and elevate them to dream bigger and live bigger to make their world a better place.”

To learn more about the awardees and their stories, visit The She Boss Up grant awardees will be officially announced on Oct 16, 2020.

The 12 grant awardees include:

- Lauren Wells - $500 to create an online platform for her holistic health & fitness business to offer nutrition & fitness support with membership perks, recipes, fitness classes, workshops and more

- Rhea Hood - $500 to continue to motivate her to serve as a mentor, both at DCMA and with her volunteer efforts while boosting her nonprofit to continue impacting young people's lives

- Felicia Wright - $100 to help her achieve her goal of being intentional about featuring positive stories of black mom-owned businesses through her Mompreneur Marketplace™ virtual platform

- Shatara Weaver - $100 to help her continue building her gift and clothing business and help her reach more customers that will assist her in contributing to her GodMama Cares - Embroidery for Good program

- Natasha Williams - $100 to allow her to reach out to more colleges/universities to teach the youth how to become self-sufficient from an early age and open their mindset in understanding how they can use real estate as a tool to create generational wealth

- Charlette Amons - $100 to help her nonprofit create more job opportunities, sustain the business and provide more employment to youth during this destabilizing pandemic

- Pamela Hill - $100 to help towards the cost of setting a website for her mentoring and leadership program to boost interaction and also help with community engagement

- Tyra N Henderson - $100 to help her get through the initial opening of her salon suite by purchasing supplies and continuing servicing her clients who need more than just nail care

- Angela Sayles - $100 to allow her nonprofit to continue providing administrative support and development to improve the black community's overall financial position, particularly young women entrepreneurs

- Gabrielle Crichlow - $100 to help her tutoring service continue addressing the academic disparities in working-class families and the lack of education (and re-education) of adult learners

- Angel Richardson - $100 to continue uplifting a community of black women, boost her business so she can retain her employees, meet customer needs and impact her community

- Brittney Atkins - $100 to help her to hire someone to advertise daily on social media outlets and the web to help her early childhood facility increase enrollment rates

She Boss Up aims to raise up to $100,000 in donations to build a fund to help 1000 women business owners get relief. These funds will support women small business owners and offer hope for those facing inequities in funding and resources for minorities and women businesses.

To donate and be part of the She Boss Up Grant Program, visit

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