Paul McCarthy Cork Announced Annual Christmas Trip 2021 to the Orphanages of Belarus

Paul McCarthy collects some funds for charity and to support underfunded orphanages.

Online PR News – 16-October-2020 – Cork – Over the last few years, Paul McCarthy Cork and his wife Jackie McCarthy helping orphanages of Belarus and needy adults to celebrate Christmas. With the help of kind-spirited individuals from all over Ireland, Paul McCarthy collects some funds for charity and to support underfunded orphanages. In a recent interview, Paul McCarthy Cork revealed how it goes on and why it is so important for him.

Paul explained “As a businessman, helping needy kids and adults is really an amazing ROI. Getting hugs and blesses from so many disadvantaged kids and adults are very peaceful. Everyone should earn such blessings and love.”

Paul McCarthy Cork said “There are many people who thrown out without being worn and spends more money to buy new. He requested them to donate such clothes and become part of a charity. Your small contribution can make a big impact on needy people’s lives.”

Paul McCarthy explained “He has completed 2 trips to Belarus and he is very happy with what he has been achieved. Now it is very important for him to make this trip annually as he and his group learned a lot from previous years.

Approximately 500 kids and disadvantaged adults, including abandoned and orphaned children and both mentally and physically disabled kids and adults got help from 19 volunteers in the 2020 annual trip. That is really satisfying.

Support toward practical initiatives like funding the purchase of farming equipment and machinery for good people of the orphanages of Belarus can make them more self-sustaining.”

Paul McCarthy Cork revealed “Their team collected approximately 115,000 Euro for the 2020 Belarus trip that provides the confidence to help the orphanages and needy people.

This year we are trying to raise more and more funds to help the orphanages in much as possible. It is really an amazing feeling when you give something to someone without expecting something in return.”