Live2Create Celebrates Their Story With New Video Ahead of Program Returning

Live2Create invites Atlanta to celebrate the release of their new video "Our Story" and the return of their after school mentor program.

Online PR News – 15-October-2020 – Altanta, GA – Live2Create Foundation Network released a new video in anticipation of their mentorship programming returning this month. In the video, viewers meet Amy P. McIntosh, founder, president, and chief mentor of this group that sets to mentor students through creativity and faith. Joined by Demetrius McIntosh, the co-founder and artistic director, the pair share that their non-profit grew from the couple’s art aspirations. Today, Live2Create exists to, “save the arts in the public school system,” said Amy. Students engage with the program in many ways, despite Covid-19, from participating one-on-one with a mentor to signing into twice a week Zoom sessions after school.
Amy grew up in a small South Carolina town, and despite her desire to become an artist, found herself faced with arts programs being defunded out from under her. “That was… the moment that I realized that this is something that God is telling me to do,” said Amy. “I don’t know what it is yet, but he just asked me to do something.”
Likewise, Demetrius grew up struggling to bring his love for song and dance into his church. He attempted to merge his faith and passion by breakdancing to a hip-hop worship song, but a mentor-like figure in his life expressed that this was inappropriate for the church. Eventually, Demetrius found his and his dance’s way back to the church, believing that his art could flourish beside his faith. ”Without knowing I became a mentor, I became a mentor to young men and women in the dance area,” he said “Young men who were involved in gangs, finally had greater hope in their craft, that would take their attention back to what they loved.”
The Foundation connects with their students through six core developmental areas: identity, belief, behavior, capability, environment, and spirituality. “The expressive arts are the therapeutic side of arts, which is really where the transformation happens. When people are really free to discover who they are,” said Amy of their use of faith and art to mentor students.
This October, students can visit to register for after school mentoring and programming. Some of the artists engaging with students this “semester” will be Aitina Fareed-Cooke (photographer and hip hop artist), David and Dejah Hector (hip-hop dancing duo), and more. Also, engage with Live2Create on Instagram by following @welive2create to stay up to date with Instagram Live talks between President Amy and artists, educators, and students.