Deaf Author Nabila Geron Releases Book 'Desperately Seeking Sex'

This is not porn. Not a novel. It's a diary. Like Anne Frank's. A journal. A memoir. A deaf woman asked men for sex, but she met the one who is desperate, too.

Online PR News – 13-October-2020 – Los Angeles, CA – The impact that Nabila Geron has had on society is immeasurable. Her orange-colored books gave the genre its trademark look, her high pitch vocals gave it some drama, and her high expectation gave it some larger-than-life flair. When Geron came out to the real world in 1991, the self-proclaimed tough Goddess broadened her role-model status to appeal to people who think life is too tough, who have suicidal thoughts and/or mental illness.

The writer has now recounted the highs and lows of her life story in her newly released memoir, Desperately Seeking Sex. She recalls several occasions where she would stand up to bullies, ignorant people, and toxic people. She struggles in life by being passive and achieving her goals to learn about sex, getting college degrees, and making films at the same time. Denying that her race, disability, appearance can hold her back. Her language and mind are tacts, vivid, and personal — often lapsing into a working-class Americans who keep trying to drag her spirit down— and her tale is compelling. As she tells the story about her life journey — who made a noticeable impact on everyone around her. Several funny, heartbreaking, and interesting tidbits about the obstacles she encountered and the many people she has met along the way. Here are 5 things we learned from Nabby Geron….

1. Geron compares herself to Forrest Gump and Precious.
Although the writer thought she could have done better in life, she can’t go back and redo the past. While most people around the world so focus on love, marriage, and having children, she wanders off to la-la land as she hones her natural style of tackling psychological and philosophical traumas. Life to her seems like an apocalyptic tales of gods, devils, and warriors fighting epic battles, in which good — and Hollywood! — always vanquishes evil.
2. She hired about twenty editors.
In May of 2020, she began to write a book on her laptop. She struggles with English grammar. English wasn’t her first language, sign language is.
3. She embraced her disability, flaws, past mistakes, etc.
Even though it was tough to fit in anywhere she learned it is okay to be different and unique.
4. She got away with things that nobody would dare attempt.
Asking men for sex. Got what she wanted. Wasn’t judged by it.
5. She loved hanging around creative people
Geron couldn’t keep her eyes off Hollywood. Her dad should have never gone back to Memphis, he should have stayed in California and achieved his dream there as a singer. He would’ve been an actor too, because of his good looks, but he chose to listen to naysayers. He died unhappily. Her book would be more like Obama’s book, 'Dreams From My Father,' but her book is more like 'The Color Purple.'

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