Tomtom Go Navigation App Now Available On All Major App Platforms

The application is based on GO Mobile app and includes fresh maps in it.

Online PR News – 10-October-2020 – Germantown, Maryland – The application is based on GO Mobile app and includes fresh maps in it. It consists of new innovations and fresh maps that can be stored on Driver’s phone and can also be used on a in-dash screen of a car. The app allows drivers to have real-time experience through easy and convenient online navigation without wasting any data. It’s helpful and useful app for drivers to detect blocked roads, traffic on different roads.

It has an offline map which makes it an unique application with features like speed limits, directions on the road and there is weekly update on road blocks and traffic on the app. The users can delete and add the regional maps in accordance to their interest and preference. Phone data can be limited according to the app and usage of map. The app includes Free GPS Map update feature in it. The GO Navigation app provides a full experience of whole suite of online services. It also includes TomTom GO Navigation app which features tomtom traffic updates and it is considered to be accurate and trustworthy app that provides real time information about traffic. It includes cameras as well to help driver maintain speed limit in a particular area or region.


1. Offline maps are available in the app which can be customized and are updated on weekly basis.
2. Improved home screen and guidance view.
3. Lane level navigations included in the Free GPS map update for exits and junctions.
4. Automatic renewal subscription packs are available at reasonable rates.

In TomTom Go Navigation app downloadable maps, Free GPS Map Update Support , precise and accurate live traffic update, speed cameras install alerts are provided with updates in real-time. App includes 30 day free trial for new users and for other subscription plans for 2 to 6 months.


• It’s an app to navigate real time traffic on roads through intelligent routes.
• It helps to drive in a safer manner with hassle- free speed limit updates and warnings regarding fixed and mobile speed cameras.
• Online search facility is available in the app including favorite, popular destinations and go-to destination information.
• ETA can be shared which refers to estimated time for arrival with friends , families etc through messaging platform on a device.
• Final destinations, scenic area or region, attractions can be searched through the app.
• Alternative routes can also be searched in case of traffic congestion on the road which includes information about précised distance and time calculation.
• Easy route planning can be done through the app by the contacts which are saved on the phone.
• It’s an add free application for having efficient journey without any interruption.
• The application also includes Free GPS Map update support.

TomTom Navigation app is easier and convenient to use and have innovative , attractive features that enables driver to navigate traffic, directions for a particular destination in a safe and secure manner. Guidance facility is available which helps drivers to avoid last-minute turns and be on their accurate and right path. The latest road information is available through the app. Offline maps are updated on weekly , regular basis when connected to a network, it also provides information on speed limit changes , refresh relevant points of interest which includes parking area, fuel stations etc. Drivers are also enable to have update on improved route. Worldwide maps can also be downloaded according to a country or region when required and phone storage is also not much used by the app.

TomTom is a one of the leading, independent location technology specialist which enables to shape mobility with accurate maps provided, software for navigation, real-time traffic information and various services. To achieve the goal of having a safe and secure world which is free of congestion and emissions, innovative, latest and advanced technology is created that helps the world to keep moving. Smart mobility, power connected vehicles and autonomous driving is part of this innovative and advanced technology.