Premier Healthcare Professionals Gives Back to Nurses on the Frontlines

Instead of a single winner for the company’s online photo contest for their nurses, PHP declared that all contest participants would win a $200 gift card.

Online PR News – 09-October-2020 – Cumming, Georgia – In the beginning of September, Premier Healthcare Professionals (PHP) announced a month-long giveaway campaign to show their support and gratitude for the healthcare professionals that have been working tirelessly on the frontlines during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Healthcare professionals are faced with challenges and risks each day as they care for those who have been hospitalized with the COVID-19 virus, many of whom are working overtime to compensate for these unprecedented times. To honor those who have sacrificed so much for the communities they serve, PHP launched an online photo contest to give the firm’s nurses a chance to win exciting prizes by sharing their photos on assignment with PHP. The giveaway launched in the beginning of September and ended on the 30th of the month.

Multiple photo entries were submitted for the giveaway and after weeks of deliberation, PHP announced that the company had decided that all contest participants would be given $200 gift cards instead of a single winner.

“As a healthcare staffing firm, PHP is proud to recognize and give back to those that have helped battle this pandemic,” said Chris Eales, CEO of Premier Healthcare Professionals. “We are so grateful for all of our nurses that participated in our first photo contest and couldn’t pick just one winner, so we decided that all of our nurses that joined the contest will receive a gift card.”

“Our firm works with nurses that put their lives on the line to help the communities they serve, so this feels very personal to us and we can’t thank the nurses on our team enough for all of the energy they have spent helping patients through these difficult times,” said VP of Recruitment, Tamara Lane. “Though it is difficult to assign a value, We hope to at least recognize the work our nurses do to fight the pandemic.”

PHP travel nurse and photo contest participant Royce Evans shared her experience as a travel nurse working with the firm. "PHP has become my go-to for my local travel assignments! They keep me informed of the best rates in the area, they're super easy to work with, they are always there to give you any support you may need. And most especially, they are family to me! I have been using their services since 2015," she said.

PHP continues to be grateful to its nurses and is fully committed to helping the COVID-19 situation across the entire US.

About PHP

For over 20 years Premier Healthcare Professionals has been the industry leader in domestic and international healthcare staffing, having placed healthcare professionals, and in particular Registered Nurses, on travel contracts in all 50 states in the USA and overseas. We offer assignments ranging in length from 13 weeks to 52 weeks with our client base of thousands of hospitals across the US.

PHP has been placing nurses all over the world for more than 25 years. During this time we have learned exactly what healthcare professionals are looking for in travel assignments and adapted our business to be the best fit for these.

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