Net Feasa launches Intelligent Multipurpose Sensor

Net Feasa launches Intelligent Multipurpose Sensor IoTPASS™, transform your home/work area into a private, safe & healthy environment or use it as a tracker

Online PR News – 08-October-2020 – Sunnyvale, CA – Our lives have changed profoundly; now, more than ever the health and safety of our most vulnerable, of our family, friends and work colleagues is something we are ultra-conscious of. IoTPASS™ is designed to help us on this journey to more private, safe and healthy spaces as working or attending college from home or shared accommodation becomes the norm. IoTPASS is a sensor network helping to create simple but powerful ‘Safe Zones’. All you have to do is turn it on and pop in on – anything. No wires, plugs, Wi-Fi, routers, hubs, servers, Bluetooth, configuration manuals etc. but the next time that door or thing moves - you’ll be the first to know.

IoTPASS™ is endlessly versatile - homeowners, home workers, students, elderly living independently, renters, landlords, clinic owners, office owners, property managers can utilize this simple but sophisticated technology to monitor areas such as offices, rooms, bedrooms, conference rooms, rental properties etc. There are also more practical uses such as liquor cabinets, cellars, sheds, garages, gates – your boat or just the outboard engine. All you need to do is attach it. It’s tamper proof - if it moves or if someone moves it (or the surface it is attached to) - you will be notified. You can attach it to anything in your home or use in any setting where remote monitoring is critical for; safety, security, efficiency, health reasons or peace of mind.

You can even use it as a tracking device! Just pop it on and you will know where the Thing is - at all times.

Ian Walter, CEO of Net Feasa, said: “We have entered a new era where people need private, safe, healthy and protected spaces and things. We have witnessed, first-hand, advances in technology that can now allow this to be achieved in a user friendly but creative way. Machine Learning has matured to the point where it is helping us with our everyday life and IoT is allowing us to deliver this to consumers and businesses at minimal cost. IoTPASS™ helps us to harness the immense power of these trends for everyday use at a fraction of the cost of alternatives.”

About Net Feasa
Net Feasa is an IoT Service Provider, for over three decades our team has pioneered secure wireless communications solutions from In-Building to Aeronautical & Maritime communications. Net Feasa has evolved to the IoT challenge - designing, developing and deploying innovative solutions for Industry 4.0. We specialize in the use of Machine Learning, taking ambient (intelligent) data from our clients’ surroundings, sending it to our cloud based EvenKeel™ platform and delivering back to these clients - information that will have a profound impact on the operational efficiencies of their respective businesses.