Hepburn Investment of Hong Kong set to launch new Personalized Fund Platform

Hepburn Investment announced today that it is in its final stages to launch its new Personalized Fund Platform and are aiming to go live by the end of October.

Online PR News – 07-October-2020 – CENTRAL/HONG KONG – Hepburn Investment’s new personalized trading platform is designed to deliver offshore funds at rates below the current market value and will provide a fully functional platform where clients can research and monitor the desired asset of choice and give real-time updates.

Hepburn Investment’s Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Malcolm Knowles commented on the new Personalized Fund Platform saying “Our tech team have developed this sophisticated piece of software where clients can access their portfolio assets and monitor them. The fund also features no lock in periods and clients invest as and when they want and offers exposure to a wealth of offshore mutual funds and other structured financial products.”

“The Personalized Fund Platform is tailored to each individual client and offers round the clock online access wherever you are in the world, allowing you the flexibility to manage your investment portfolio in whichever way the client pleases,” added Malcolm Knowles, Chief Financial Officer of Hepburn Investment.

About Us - Hepburn Investment

Hepburn Investment is a private investment and wealth management firm with a regional focus, looking to bring our clients closer to strategic markets and their opportunities. Our philosophy is based on ethical investing and sustainable practices throughout the company, and our mission is to deliver our clients success through personalized, innovative and long-term strategies.

Founded by Hsien Choong in 2010, Hepburn Investment has since has developed a reputation for innovative and intelligent investment strategies, with our focus on delivering effective solutions to the myriad challenges our clients face. Since Hsien Choong’s retirement in 2012, responsibility of running the firm was passed down to his son Robert Choong, who has to this day, kept the core principles laid down by his father.

Our advisors leverage our access to global markets, our collective knowledge and experience, and in-depth research and analysis to ensure our clients receiver insightful guidance. Our tailored wealth management involves quality client service throughout your time with us, and through monitoring of performance and understanding of the markets, we work with you to develop your portfolio.

Our vision, embracement of technology and our expertise have made Hepburn Investment an industry leader, with our advisers among the most qualified and seasoned among our competitors. We have evolved over time but have kept to our traditions and principles, looking to deliver our clients success through sustainable, practical and pioneering strategies.