Dana Vallandigham Celebrates Two Decades of Success with Advanced Physicians

The founder of the Advanced Physicians physical therapy and rehabilitation team, Dana Vallandigham prides herself on the delivery of more than 20 years.

Online PR News – 16-July-2014 – Crest Hill, IL – As the fastest growing source of great-quality rehabilitation and physical therapy in the Chicagoland area, Advanced Physicians continues to be a difference-maker for patients throughout the region. Dana Vallandigham, the long-time leader and originator of Advanced Physicians, has transformed what was once a modest, single chiropractic care office into the most comprehensive pain management and physical therapy centers in the entire Midwest region.

Dana Vallandigham maintains the success of Advanced Physicians not only through savvy leadership and guidance, but also through the selection of only the best, brightest and most skilled medical professionals in the area. Her philosophy of caring, patient first treatment and compassion has been the foundation of the Advanced Physicians environment since the organization’s foundation, and continues to be the inspiration for the continually great-quality services and comprehensive treatments they provide to people coping with a variety of injuries, conditions and disorders.

Each Advanced Physicians patient receives the best because Dana Vallandigham believes that everyone deserves nothing less than focused, attentive and high-quality care. Patients treated by Dana Vallandigham and the extensive team of Advanced Physicians specialists can be confident in their treatments because they know they are receiving the most accurate and expert diagnosis and treatment options in Chicagoland. No one in Chicago has been able to match the commitment, the care or the expertise of the Advanced Physicians team, which continually achieves very high rates of patient satisfaction and service.

An industry leader for 20 years, Dana Vallandigham combines the best in chiropractic care, sports medicine, physical medicine, pain management, physical therapy, occupational therapy, massage and myofacial massage, custom foot orthotics and more to provide patients a comprehensive treatment option that is truly second to none. People suffering and/or coping with the pain resulting from competition, work or a car accident have a real and compassionate professional medical ally in the Advanced Physicians team, who specialize in mitigating pain and restoring function to the areas most affected by injury.

A full range of services are available through Dana Vallandigham and Advanced Physicians. They are also always in constant pursuit of better technology, technique and treatment, seeking out new and more effective ways to enhance the patient experience and optimize the effectiveness of their services. Dana Vallandigham works with only a select group of highly-qualified physicians who truly care about each patient’s needs, setting the Advanced Physicians team apart from everyone else in the entire medical community.

The savvy and experienced business leadership of professional chiropractor Dana Vallandigham has provided Advanced Physicians the direction and focus it needs to consistently break through convention and pursue medical treatment and diagnostic excellence. Under her guidance and through her wisdom, Advanced Physicians has become the best center for Chicagoland care, providing relief and returning musculoskeletal function to many across the regional landscape.

If you have an injury resulting from a workplace accident, participation in an athletic competition or from a motor vehicle accident, the trusted professionals at Advanced Physicians are there for you. Dana Vallandigham and her advanced team care about your health and welfare, and pursue only the best for every individual.

About: Dana Vallandigham is the name to trust for great Chicagoland chiropractic care.