Association Professional Todd Wurschmidt Celebrates Nearly 30 Years of Nonprofit Success

A consummate and skilled leadership professional, Todd Wurschmidt has proven to be an invaluable asset to nonprofit association field for nearly three decades.

Online PR News – 15-July-2014 – Plain City, OH – Few can honestly boast the long list of professional accomplishments, or achievements, of long-time association leader Todd Wurschmidt. For nearly three decades, Todd Wurschmidt has proven to be the leader and manager needed to transform nonprofit organizations into both local and national success stories.

His career, which began in earnest in 1985, is decorated with accomplishment, ranging from the securement of millions of dollars in grant and fundraising money to the development of a wide range of programs that have raised organizational awareness and value. Beginning with the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police, as well as the Law Enforcement Foundation, Todd Wurschmidt quickly progressed through the association’s ranks, becoming a trusted and visionary leader with the skills and knowledge needed to secure OACP’s influence and its future. As the leader of both organizations, Todd Wurschmidt was able to raise revenues from $500,000 to $10 million per year through skilled donor solicitation and millions in state and federal grant securement.

He served OACP and the Law Enforcement Foundation for 23 years, during which time he established the strong and secure framework for many years of future association success. Not only was he able to build a strong financial foundation for both nonprofit organizations, but Todd Wurschmidt was also able to build and develop several valuable educational and awareness programs, each of which were successful at establishing enduring connections between the organization, local youths and community leaders.

During his time with OACP, Todd Wurschmidt served as the Pro-Bono CEO of three other law enforcement associations, successfully integrating each into a shared infrastructure that enhanced organizational capacity and fundraising ability. As Pro-Bono CEO of the Ohio Crime Prevention Association, the Ohio School Resource Officers Association and the DARE Association of Ohio, Todd Wurschmidt generously provided leadership and skilled management to all three, ensuring each was equipped with the management, tools and technology needed to be more effective and established members of the statewide community.

Though Todd Wurschmidt stepped down from the OACP and Law Enforcement Foundation leadership position in 2008, he was retained by both as a consultant until 2011.

Todd Wurschmidt began his own nonprofit consulting firm, or PARADOX Associations, in 2008, an organization he continues to lead to this day. As PARADOX leader, he provides high-quality advice and assistance to nonprofits on program development, association leadership, fundraising, change management and more. He has served on the Board of the American Society of Association Executives, the CAE Commission, the International Section Council, the Advisory Council for the Journal of Association Leadership and the Research Committee. As PARADOX Chief Executive Officer and President, Todd Wurschmidt has provided the Soybean International Council, a St. Louis-based organization, with superb transition management, and has volunteered as a Mentor to the leader of the Georgian Farmers’ Association through the Center for International Private Enterprises’ KnowHow Program.

Educated at The Ohio State University, Todd Wurschmidt currently provides his services to the Law Enforcement Foundation of Illinois, serving as the organization’s Executive Director since 2009. He relies on his extensive knowledge of and experience with the law enforcement community to enhance LEFI’s functional and fundraising capabilities.

About: Todd Wurschmidt is skilled in fundraising, association management and program development.