Neil Dhillon Recommends Stronger Corporate Branding

Neil Dhillon understands that with the economy on a sustained upswing, your corporate Branding could be a large part of you joining that upswing.

Online PR News – 15-July-2014 – Washington, DC – Neil Dhillon, as a corporate communications expert, knows that with the recent news of the unemployment rate falling yet again, there is a great opportunity for consumer brands aggressively to pursue a larger market share. Neil Dhillon knows that one of the most important way to do this for immediate impact and for future impact, can be through corporate branding. Creating a brand is much easier to do in the age of the Internet. It is a comparatively easy process to get your brand in front of consumers. However, corporate branding has become a much more difficult exercise with the rise of social media and the 24-hour news cycle.

Neil Dhillon knows that in an effort to properly understand what corporate communications is, it is important to understand the underlying history of the idea. Over the past couple hundred years, the word brand has changed very much. At one point, it was something that was applied to cattle to show which ranch cattle were from. This helped ease the process of identifying at market and if cattle got loose. Over the years, the word brand began to be applied to specific products such as pre-packaged goods.

Pre-packaging goods came with the dilemma of how to get consumers to buy their product rather than something that was made by a neighbor. It became obvious that the items needed to have something to differentiate itself from other similar items and so people started branding their products. While they did not use a hot iron brand, the concept was the same. Coca-Cola, Juicy Fruit Gum, and Aunt Jemima Syrup were some of the first commercial products in the United States to differentiate themselves this way.

Today creating a brand is very similar. Create a logo that will differentiate and encourage consumers to buy your product. However, to be successful, it is recognized that literally anyone can create a brand. Now the focus is on the idea of corporate branding. Ultimately corporate branding is an inclusive effort to reimage everything under a unified image. So instead of there being multiple brands under the same corporation. There are multiple products under the brand. With an example of a vehicle, this can be easily seen. There is not a Corvette and a Camaro brand; instead there is the Chevrolet (“Chevy”) brand. So these two vehicles are part of the brand. This concept is being taken throughout marketplaces and applied as often as possible. While this has largely helped to gain good brand awareness, it does not always help to create a good brand image. If someone likes the first branded product they try, then they will likely purchase more products of that brand. If they do not like the product, they may stay away from the brand as a whole.

Neil Dhillon understands that what the consumer thinks of when they hear the brand name is the only thing that matters when talking about corporate branding. That is really the crux of the entire idea. Creating a brand that people trust and identify with. A brand that people know stands for quality. Creating solid corporate branding is essential to selling product because people do change what they will do based only on their perception of a brand.

About: Neil Dhillon has been a leader in the field of corporate communications as well as public relations for many years.