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Online PR News – 18-July-2014 – Glenview – If you are looking to boost your leads and sales at a trade show or enhance the company’s exposure and have an edge over your competition, hire the services of magic by Randy.

A trade show is very vital for the growth of any company. Trade shows helps to generate more leads, connect with the potential clients directly, giving company the exposure it needs. Even the current customers can have better insight on the company and renew their faith in the business. So, trade shows have its own importance. Now, how nice it would be, if a company can deliver its core message and prospects to their potential and current clients in the form of a magic show. The idea sounds appealing in itself, and it has proved to be very effective over the time. Randy is one of the best corporate event and trade show magician in Chicago area, and many trade shows have been benefited with the shows organized and performed by Randy.

Magic by Randy, is very effective platform to boost up the leads and generate more clients during a trade show. Some of the businesses that have used the services of Randy in their trade shows states, “Thanks to Randy we had 200% more leads at Electric West this year! Our booth was the busiest on the trade shows floor”, says Rick Taylor, the Director of marketing for Bridgeport. Adrienne Gregory, the program manager with Motorola Stated, ”Randy exceeded out expectations! We look forward to work with Randy again in future.” Many other businesses like Sikich, Price Forbes, Baxter, Oakleaf have benefited greatly at trade shows with help of Randy.

If any business has a question like how to be successful at a trade show, magic by Randy can be a great answer. Such shows wont only attract new clients but boost the current client base too. And, who doesn't like to a good magic show afterall. Such magic shows can be a great medium to deliver the message of business and generate leads. The services of Magic by Randy are not limited to trade shows, he also performs at theme parties, corporate events, family parties, schools, in a nutshell the services are for all. So, now you know how you can generate more clients for business at trade shows.

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