Fast Food Solutions: Reviews Examine Online System

Gen Gauvin and Nick Pineault's new system is out. But is it as good as everyone is saying? Get the details from this review.

Online PR News – 14-July-2014 – Eagle Point, OR – Nutrition experts Nick Pineault & Gen Gauvin recently released their contribution to the health and weight loss community. Their new cooking system is a complete online platform where users can access video lessons, cheat sheets, special reports and recipes. In short, the system aims to teach individuals how to cook healthy meals in 15 minutes or less and all for under $5 per serving. In addition to learning the recipes and fundamentals of cooking these meals, the system also teaches ones how to avoid food scams and how to save money buying the right foods. In a full review of the program, Stephanie Malroy examined whether or not the system would deliver on it's promises.

"When I learned that Nick and Gen teamed up to create Fast Food Solutions I was interested to see what they had done. I have been following Nick's work for a while now and I love that he really prides himself on providing proven and healthy ways of eating but I was honestly a little skeptical. I must say that some may not realize but it actually is very easy and quick to prepare healthy and tasty meals. Yes - you still have to do some work even following this system, but it certainly does pour it out in front of you and makes it quite easy and even enjoyable." reports Stephanie Malroy.

Fast Food Solution is all managed and delivered through a membership website where users are able to log in and watch videos, download PDF cheat sheets and get reports. The full system includes six main modules:

Module 1 - Healthy or Not?
Module 2 - Fast Food Kitchen
Module 3 - Good Morning!
Module 4 - Grab a Bite
Module 5 - What's for Dinner?
Module 6 - I'm Starving!

In addition to the main main modules, the system currently includes six other bonuses as well:

1 - Save money
2 - Cook faster
3 - Shop smarter
4 - Get organized
5 - Stay motivated
6 - Cook for kids

"After looking over the Fast Food Solution I think anybody would agree that both Nick and Gen put in a lot of time and effort into creating something that is truly of value. I can easily recommend this knowing that users will get a lot of value out of the system." says Stephanie. "I have yet to see a program online like this. For me personally, I really enjoy learning from video rather than reading and when I'm taught something by video it sticks a lot better. Plus with the cheat sheets, getting this system really is a no-brainer."

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