Dana Vallandigham and Advanced Physicians Offer Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services in Chicagoland

Advanced Physicians, under the guidance President Dana Vallandigham, continues to be the number one provider of physical therapy and rehabilitation treatments.

Online PR News – 12-July-2014 – Crest Hill, IL – People have many options for physical therapy and rehabilitation treatments in the Chicagoland area, though no one has the proven skill, talent, experience or dedication as Dana Vallandigham and the Advanced Physicians team.

Advanced Physicians is proud to be the top provider of a multitude of medical treatments. As the leader of a multi-disciplinary physical therapy and rehabilitation treatment organization, Dana Vallandigham continues to offer patients the most comprehensive and best quality treatments in Chicagoland, providing a multitude of gentle, professional and expert therapies and medical techniques to patients across the Southwest Suburbs of Chicago. Dana Vallandigham began out of a single chiropractic office in 1992, and has since managed to grow the Advanced Physicians organization into one of the most successful rehabilitative treatment centers in Chicagoland.

Advanced Physicians is built on the promise of better, more focused patient services, treatments that are provided by caring professionals with expertise in a variety of medical disciplines. Dana Vallandigham leads a group of highly-qualified and well-educated professionals that show genuine concern and care for each individual patient’s needs, designing treatment plans that best suit each patient and that work to achieve the fastest and most effective results.

Dana Vallandigham and Advanced Physicians capitalizes on a team of experts to provide more accuracy in terms of both diagnoses and care. With expertise and experience in physical medicine and rehabilitation, occupational therapy, physical therapy, chiropractic medicine, custom foot orthotics, sports medicine, pain management, massage/myofacial release and more, Dana Vallandigham and Advanced Physicians are able to deliver a fuller and more effective treatment experience, one where patients are sure to receive more tailored, effective and precise treatments than they ever thought possible.

Dana Vallandigham is an expert in chiropractic medicine, and understands how invaluable it can be to work to professionals in a variety of disciplines that not only complement her chiropractic services, but that also give patients the options they need to receive the most comprehensive service possible. Everyone that works with Dana Vallandigham and the Advanced Physicians team of experts is the beneficiary of many years of quality education, and is proven to be a highly-qualified and skilled physician in their given field.

Advanced Physicians lives by the values of compassion, quality care and the respect and dignity of every person. Dana Vallandigham holds her team up to an incredibly high standard of treatment and patient care, and maintains a focus on the patient that is second to none in the industry. Her desire is to see patient get the most precise and accurate diagnosis, one that will lead to the best-designed and most effective treatment plan available. Through affordable, high-quality care, Advanced Physicians is able to meet and exceed the expectations of their patients, and to serve the community with distinction, commitment and dedication.

Dana Vallandigham provides services that are individually-designed and that serve the rehabilitative and medical needs of every single patient, regardless of their particular condition. She has built her practice on time-honored principles of patient-focused care and health, and continues to be a leader in the local medical services and treatment industry.

About: Dana Vallandigham is a caring and gentle chiropractic physician. She has been the leader of Advanced Physicians since 1992.