Committed Volunteer Pam Schoen Shares Advice on How to Get More Involved in the Community

Local business professional Pam Schoen is an experienced community volunteer. She shares tips for people seeking opportunities to be more active and involved.

Online PR News – 11-July-2014 – New York, New York – So you’re looking for a way to get involved in your community; to jump feet first into an opportunity to have a real and positive impact on the lives of people who may not enjoy the many things many often take for granted. Before taking the plunge into community involvement, says experienced volunteer Pam Schoen, there may be a few things you need to consider first. Often times the opportunity to get more involved, though luring, can lead to disappointment and/or frustration in the future, making it important to carefully vet your opportunities before full committal.

Pam Schoen is more or less an expert on community involvement, having spent much of her free time and energy helping out local non-kill animal shelters provide abused and neglected animals the protection and care they need to become viable candidates for adoption. Throughout her time as a volunteer, Pam Schoen has worked with many enthusiastic and eager volunteers who have eventually become disenchanted with the work they are doing, a fact she believes is easily preventable.

Below, she shares some advice to those looking for a more enriching and rewarding volunteer experience.

Research Thoroughly


It’s important, says Pam Schoen, to begin researching volunteer opportunities well in advance of taking the plunge. Look into your options well before popular volunteering opportunities, such as Christmas and Thanksgiving, and create a comprehensive plan that gives you a strong beginning framework for getting and staying involved.

Keep Your Eyes Open

Often times the best opportunities to make a real difference exist right in your own backyard. As Pam Schoen understands, it’s often a neighbor, a Senior Center or family member that needs the most immediate assistance and/or help, and a simple phone call, offering to carry groceries or mowing a backyard can make a huge and impactful difference in someone’s life. Also pay attention to your local parks, community centers or other well-trafficked public areas that may be in need of a little trash cleanup or sprucing.

Look Into Local Churches

Many small and local congregations maintain strong ties with the charitable and/or nonprofit community, says Pam Schoen, and have the potential to connect you directly with organizations that make a real impact. Faith-based organizations are often a good place to start when it comes seeking out community involvement. Give your local church or organization a call and see what’s available.

Search Databases

There are many valuable resources of nonprofit information available on the web, says Pam Schoen. Much of this information is available through national nonprofit databases, which offer a virtual plethora of information on regional and local volunteer opportunities. Scan through these databases, says Pam Schoen, to help yourself get a better idea of volunteer opportunity.

Go the “Fill-in-the-Blank”-a-Thon Route

Looking for a volunteer opportunity on a spur of the moment? The current popularity of walk-a-thons and other exercise-related events has led to ample opportunities throughout the country, giving the eager aspiring volunteer to inject themselves into a charitable event almost immediately. Pam Schoen recommends scouring the web, as well as looking to friends and family, for info on any “A-Thon” that raises money for a worthy cause.

About: Pam Schoen is a generous business professional who is always seeking ways to help those in need.