B-Mac Wireless Expands Cell Site Installation Services With Launch Of B-Mac Construction

B-Mac Wireless now offers complete turnkey solutions for cell site installation thanks to the launching of their construction arm, B-Mac Construction.

Online PR News – 11-July-2014 – Indianapolis, IN – BMac Wireless continues to expand their service capabilities. The wireless solutions provider recently launched a construction arm for their business, B-Mac Construction. B-Mac Construction allows the company to construct full cell sites including compound construction and shelter setting, towers, lines, full grounding systems and the installation of the antennas. This added service provides B-Mac Wireless customers with a one-stop solution to their cell siting needs.

"We're excited to announce B-Mac Construction, a division of B-Mac Wireless Inc. This new addition to the B-Mac family allows us to be a turnkey provider for cell site installation. This is the next step in becoming the premium service provider for all cell carriers. We’re really excited about it," said Brian Wilson, President of B-Mac Construction (http://bmacwireless.com).

Specific construction services of B-Mac Construction include:
• Raw Land and Colo Services "Turnkey"
• Concrete Pad Install and Extensions
• Concrete Footers and Foundations
• Tower Construction
• Monopoles
• Self Supports
• Guy Towers
• Stealth and Roof Tops


Trenching, drilling, and vibratory plow services are available as well.

B-Mac Wireless has been serving the Indianapolis area for four years, expanding their capabilities every year. In addition to their new construction services, B-Mac Wireless offers:

• Site Support Services
• Civil Construction Services
• Wireless COW and Special Deployment Services
• Telco and Fiber Installation Services

"We waited longer than other companies to add our tower crew because we wanted to launch with the best and brightest in the industry. We’ve got an all-star cast and it shows in the quality and timeliness of our work," noted Wilson.

B-Mac Wireless works on new cell tower installation projects as well as expanding, upgrading or maintaining existing infrastructure. They also do temporary cell site set-up and tear down. The company works on equipment that includes: radio cabinets, DC power cabinets and battery backup systems. Site services include testing of: fiber and T1 lines, HVAC and electrical systems, batteries and backup generators, tower controls and lighting systems.

B-Mac Wireless currently has over 60 employees, but that number is likely to grow as B-Mac Construction takes off. The company prides itself on the quality and timeliness of their wireless installation services.

To learn more about the B-Mac Wireless Services visit http://bmacwireless.com.

About B-Mac Wireless, Inc.: B-Mac Wireless Inc. provides wireless infrastructure solutions. The company is based out of Indianapolis, IN. Over the last four years B-Mac Wireless has developed a proven track record for providing turnkey wireless solutions provided with integrity, timeliness and quality.

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