Design & Promote Team Bands Together to Support Naperville Ribfest 2014
10 July 2014
Design & Promote, a Chicago Internet Marketing Company spent time over the Fourth of July weekend celebrating the Exchange Club of Naperville’s 27th Ribfest. Together the company put in over 200 volunteer hours working with the Naperville Ribfest Marketing Committee to make 2014 a great year for the outdoor festival. The opportunity to participate on the Naperville Ribfest Marketing Committee was presented to Design & Promote back in January. “When I was asked to become a volunteer on the Naperville Ribfest Marketing Committee, I had no idea that funds for the event went towards eliminating domestic violence and child abuse. I thought that it was all about the music and ribs! But clearly that wasn’t the case. Having worked on the committee I saw that Ribfest is truly all about the kids,” said Bruce Jones, CEO of Design & Promote and member on Naperville Ribfest Marketing Committee. Design & Promote has helped a large variety of charity events and this was the company’s first time partnering with Naperville Ribfest. Over the last 7 months, the company created an assortment of online marketing collateral to support the event. Some of which included: • Social media campaign marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube) • Custom Facebook graphics • Naperville Ribfest Newsletter design and management • Search Engine Optimization of the non-profit’s website • Digital Press Releases • Creating Guest Surveys (online and at the event) • Training other volunteers • Customer Satisfaction for Online Experiences • Participated in the local Mom’s network focus group session The marketing committee along with Design & Promote was made up of several volunteers, including: Paul Feith from Paul Gregory Media, Hunter Byington from Closer Consulting, Adam Parks from First Command Financial Services, Zakary Kates from Simple Edge Marketing, and Devonie McLarty from WSI Complete Net Solutions. The entire marketing committee streamlined customer interaction with Naperville Ribfest through the new website, the Ribfest mobile App and social media. “We were able to utilize digital marketing to reach the Ribfest audience in a new way! A lot of work went into brining Naperville Ribfest up-to-date with festival goers. From adding SEO onto the website to creating customized Facebook Campaigns, engaging users to come out to Ribfest through digital media was a success,” said Jones. All funds raised at Naperville Ribfest goes to over 50 local charities that help eliminate child abuse and domestic violence. Today, the event is comprised of over 4,000 volunteers and 52 charity agencies. Proceeds have grown from $17,000 in 1988 to what will come out to well over $500,000 in 2014. In addition to Naperville Ribfest, the Chicago Internet Marketing Company has helped various non-profits build websites and create campaigns to either raise money or share resources with local communities. Some of which include: KidsMatterToo and the Naperville Chamber of Commerce Team B2B Bags Tournament. For more information about Design & Promote, please visit their website at: