Thomas Huling, Finance Professional, Underlines Importance of Customer-Service Skill Development

Thomas Huling relies on his interpersonal skills to conduct business.

Online PR News – 10-July-2014 – Cranston, RI – Thomas Huling has been in the finance industry for nearly three decades. For him, it all comes down to his people skills.

"I began my career in Rhode Island, involved with all phases of commercial, subdivision, residential, and hotel projects,” he says, reflecting on his first company, Multi-State Development Inc. “I have excellent interpersonal skills, a professional attitude, and a firm personality to manage projects independently, or as a team member."

With that positive attitude and charm, Thomas Huling built Multi-State Development into a highly successful company over the next ten years. That success encouraged him to branch out, and in 1995, he founded Multi-State Mortgage, Inc in Warwick, Rhode Island. At Multi-State Mortgage, Thomas Huling says, he was a “results-oriented and adequately qualified commercial and residential Mortgage Broker, holding Mortgage Brokerage Licenses in multiple states throughout the New England area. With progressive experience in positions of increasing duties and responsibilities.” Thomas Huling was one of the top licensed brokers, able to boast of a track record of consistently meeting or exceeding customer expectations or sales goals.

I have excellent interpersonal skills a professional attitude and a firm personality to manage projects independently or as a team member.

One of Thomas Huling’s best traits with Multi-State Mortgage is in educating customers about several financing products, and recommending the best options that met their short-term and long-term needs.

In 2009, Thomas Huling became the Director of Projects at Pro-One AG, a private technology development company in Liechtenstein. “As Director of Projects,” he recalls, “I was personally responsible for assisting the guidance and funding success of our engineering project dealing with the reduction of CO2 in combustion engines, as it pertained to the Federal Republic of Germany Patent #197 13 442.” In 2010, he bought all shares of Pro-One AG, along with rights to the German Patent with the intention of bringing the patented technology to the United States.

Thomas Huling began to hit his stride in 2010. That year, he founded two corporations: the World Holding Group LLC, and Global Investment Company SA. The World Holding Group LLC was established in October of that year as a U.S. Holding Company to allow the resources and knowledge from its professional finance and management team to manage multiple technology corporations to succeed on their own, but under the World Holding Group umbrella.

As the founder and Director of Global Investment Company SA, Thomas Huling was personally responsible for the establishment of a registered Luxembourg Securitization Fund called Global Invest Fund, or GIF. “GIF offers a safe investment strategy to generate substantial recurring profits for its clients,” Thomas Huling says. Here, his people skills were used to great benefit. “Access to this investment strategy requires multi-national financial relationships that I have developed over time. These relationships, which are proprietary, are critical to GIF’s investment strategy and success.”

In addition, Thomas Huling says, he provided a wealth of experience in structuring various private investment transactions for clients with non-cash assets, allowing access to multi-million dollar investment technology projects.

Thomas Huling says that all through his career, he has relied not only on his own expertise in private finance and trade, but also on the expertise of his staff and others.

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