Kevin Konarzewski Celebrates Six Years of Success With Complete Inventory Services

Kevin Konarzewski launched Complete Inventory Services As An Inventory Specialist

Online PR News – 10-July-2014 – Wake Forest, NC – Since graduating from Northern Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management in 1987, Kevin Konarzewski has been actively advancing his career in the business world. After obtaining his Master of Business Administration from Michigan State University’s Eli Broad College of Business in 1997, Kevin Konarzewski enjoyed success in the field of supply chain management. During this time, Kevin Konarzewski held a number of influential positions at major corporations like IBM, Teleflex, and Honeywell Aerospace.

In 2008, Kevin Konarzewski decided that it was time to begin utilizing his understanding of the supply chain management industry in order to run his own business. Complete Inventory Services was launched that same year. Since Kevin Konarzewski has more than seventeen years of combined experience in supply chain management, Complete Inventory Services has enjoyed great success in North Carolina over the last five years. With experience as a manager, leader, and team builder, Kevin Konarzewski was uniquely equipped to begin a career as a business owner.

I am grateful to all the hard work of my employees that has allowed us to enjoy five successful years.

In 2013, Kevin Konarzewski marked five successful years as the founder and owner of Complete Inventory Services. Over the course of the company’s life, the business has developed a reputation for providing services that are efficient and effective as well as available at a reasonable price. In addition, Kevin Konarzewski is now known as a highly professional, ethical, and socially aware businessman.

Kevin Konarzewski is proud of the success that has come to Complete Inventory Services. “In 2008, I felt like it was the right time to launch my own business, but I had no idea whether or not it would be profitable in a tough market,” Kevin Konarzewski said. “I am grateful to all the hard work of my employees that has allowed us to enjoy five successful years.”

Over the years, Kevin Konarzewski has used his position as a business owner to support various worthy causes in the Wake Forest area. In addition to supporting local groups, Kevin Konarzewski is a longtime supporter of Habitat for Humanity International. Kevin Konarzewski uses his influence to support many other organizations that are concerned with causes related to social action and civil rights, economic empowerment, animal rights, health, and human rights. Kevin Konarzewski’s extensive charity work is part of what has made Complete Inventory Services so popular in North Carolina.

When he isn’t working hard to further the success of Complete Inventory Services, Kevin Konarzewski enjoys many interests. He is fond of gardening, pruning the trees in his yard, or just plain puttering around the house. “I have had moderate success with the garden, with each year getting better and better,” he said. He adds that another favorite pastime is fishing, and says that tossing his line into the water, whether it’s offshore or inland, is one of his most relaxing pursuits.

But he says that his favorite thing to do is travel. “I have been fortunate enough to travel the world, both for work and for pleasure,” Kevin Konarzewski said. “I continue to be inspired by what I see. There are many beautiful places around us and we simply need to spend a few minutes to stop and take in the surroundings and enjoy the splendor that we have been afforded.”

About: Kevin Konarzewski has an M.B.A from Michigan State University.