Business Professional Alexander Scharf Celebrates Over Two Decades of Success in NY Real Estate
10 July 2014

Alexander Scharf is proud to celebrate success in his career.

Online PR News – 10-July-2014 – New York City, New York – Alexander Scharf is proud to celebrate success in his career, which has been decades in the making. Alexander Scharf, a leading real estate professional, today celebrates the success of his illustrious career, which has dealt extensively in the realms of real estate, hospitality, and investing.

Alexander Scharf is a graduate of Bernard Burch University, which is located in his hometown of New York City, New York. Alexander Scharf has built a track-record of success in the areas of real estate, hospitality, and investing. Alexander Scharf founded the Esplanade chain of Luxury Residents for Seniors.

Alexander Scharf is a lifelong New Yorker who has resided on Manhattan’s Upper West Side his whole life.

Alexander Scharf is widely recognized for the renovation of the Staten Island Hotel. Alexander Scharf’s renovation and restoration of the Staten Island Hotel – a landmark in Staten Island - led to the creation of the finest Independent Senior Living Residence in Staten Island.

In addition to the remarkable transformation that Alexander Scharf brought to the Staten Island Hotel and surrounding community are many other real estate business accomplishments that he’s achieved. In terms of New York City properties, Alexander Scharf is the owner of The Esplanade Senior Residence, The Esplanade White Plains, The Esplanade Senior Residences, the Esplanade Senior Quarters, and several others. Alexander Scharf has successfully converted hundreds of residential units into condominium ownership throughout New York City.

Alexander Scharf is also involved with real estate in a variety of other states, including Texas and New Jersey.

Throughout his career, Alexander Scharf has demonstrated commitment to ensuring that all of his responsibilities are carried-out with the utmost devotion.

Alexander Scharf is a very successful business person who is highly accomplished in the field. Having earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Bernard Burch University in New York City, Alexander Scharf took to his career in business with great vigor. In 1993, Alexander Scharf opened the first assisted living facility in Manhattan.

Alexander Scharf is the owner and operator of numerous hospitality ventures across the nation. One of the properties that is owned by Alexander Scharf is the Westminster Hotel located in Livingston New Jersey, which is among only a small handful of Four Diamond rated hotels in the country.

Alexander Scharf is the Vice President of the Lloyd Capital Corporation. Lloyd Capital Corporation is a SBIC (Small Business Investment Company) that provides equity and loans to small businesses.

Alexander Scharf has recently launched a fund to invest in NNN leased properties nationwide. The term NNN stands for Net-Net-Net and is pronounced as ‘Triple Net’. NNN investment leases are designed as leases in which tenants pay for the all operating costs associated with property ownership, including property tax, insurance, as well as maintenance.

NNN investments are generally of relatively little risk for investors, since, in the vast majority of cases, the landlord retains ownership of both the building and the land. Alexander Scharf is an expert in NNN investments, and is a valued member of the Lloyd Capital Corporation.

About: Alexander Scharf is an eminently qualified real estate and business professional. Alexander Scharf is a graduate of the Bernard Burch University.