Heather McPherson Announces 2015 Release of Latest Dr. Bob Novel
11 July 2014

Heather McPherson, well-known author of over five books, expects release of her newest novel to happen early next year. She is the author of the Dr. Bob series.

Online PR News – 11-July-2014 – Ann Arbor, MI – Fans in feverish anticipation of the newest book in the Dr. Bob series will have to wait just a little longer to dive into its pages. Heather McPherson, who has earned much fame and recognition for the popular fiction set during the past decade, has provided eager fans an approximate release date for her next Dr. Bob novel at a recent local book signing, announcing the launch date as taking place sometime early in 2015.

Heather McPherson is noted for ability to stir and excite the reader through complex, plot-driven narratives; stories that include complex and well-rounded characters always in conflict with themselves, people struggling to find their places in a world seemingly gone mad and lost in confusion. Heather McPherson is well-known for her intense and involved creative process, one that often takes years and that often requires long periods of seclusion. Though she had never initially anticipated the success of the Dr. Bob series, she has enjoyed the continued impact her books have had on people of all ages, and looks forward to being an inspiration literary voice for many years to come.

Heather McPherson, who has recently welcomed a new daughter into her family, comes from humble beginnings, growing up as the middle child in an impoverished Michigan family. Not entering the public education system until the age of 10, Heather McPherson had struggled early on with illiteracy, and was often relegated to the back of the classroom and disciplined for her inability to read and write. Through perseverance, resilience and hard work, she quickly became one of the most successful young scholars in her area, earning her multiple scholarship awards by the time she reached the age of 17. A native of Detroit, Heather McPherson accepted a full academic scholarship to the University of Michigan, pursuing and achieving her Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature in just three short years.

Heather McPherson was a stand-out student and athlete at her Alma Mater, earning membership in several national academic organizations and achieving honor roll status every year of her academic career. She also became a notable UM athlete, earning multiple athletic awards and honors for her achievements as leader of the UM Women’s Lacrosse team.

Now the mother of two happy and healthy young children, Heather McPherson is a sought-after public speaker, someone in demand on college campuses and by professional academics across the country. Though she has yet to achieve international fame for her literature, she is quickly becoming one of the most talented and desired lecturers and professionals on the national speaking circuit, and continues to rise as one of the most talented writers in the field of literature.

Heather McPherson has become an established and well-respected name in the literary community. Each book in the Dr. Bob series has experienced almost double the commercial success as the one prior, and is beginning to earn her the recognition of professional writers throughout the world. The release of her newest novel has become one of the hottest topics in online forums throughout the web.

About: Heather McPherson has made significant strides in the fiction genre, and has recently been nominated for an award.