Motivational Speaker Graseella Bousheh Offers Tips for Improving Public Speaking Effectiveness

Motivational speaking is an art form that requires a speaker to have certain qualities.

Online PR News – 10-July-2014 – Beverly Hills, California – Graseella Bousheh is a graceful woman who is both charitable and entrepreneurial in nature. She has many hobbies including playing tennis, doing yoga, traveling, and cooking. Graseella Bousheh is in the process of having her cook book published. She is also in the process of introducing her perfume line to the general public. Graseella Bousheh's compassionate side is exemplified by her ambition to open her own charity in order to accomplish her lifelong dream of helping women who are in an abusive relationship and women who are unhappy in an arranged marriage. All of these qualities have driven Graseella Bousheh to wanting to become a motivational speaker.

Graseella Bousheh possesses all of the qualities prerequisite to being a powerful motivational speaker. The first of these characteristics is her internal optimism. By dealing with such challenges as surviving as an entrepreneur and becoming acquainted as a newcomer to a big city (she was born in Chicago and moved to Los Angeles), Graseella Bousheh is well-aware that the difference between success and failure is being able to persevere through adversity. Graseella Bousheh is strongly driven to convey this message to other people, as she genuinely desires to see them possess the tools necessary to succeed.

Another characteristic integral to the power of a motivational speaker is the ability to connect with other people. No matter how vital a message or intelligent an argument, if an audience member is unable to relate it to their own lives then it sails between their ears unnoticed. The ability to connect with other people varies in difficulty and can almost never be feigned. It requires the audience member and the speaker to view each other as having a common bond and that only unique experiences separate them as beings. The passion Graseella Bousheh feels for helping other people and relaying a needed message is genuine which makes her an ideal candidate for a motivational speaker.

The last quality a good motivational speaker should possess is a good voice. If one's voice is too soft or too annoying then it takes value away from the message, and the audience loses focus. This may seem like an unfair standard, but it really is not if you consider a voice is something that can be worked on and perfected. The best way to perfect your voice is to either voice record or videotape yourself giving a speech and listen back. If you find that you slip into certain tendencies or that your voice is not powerful enough, then either find models to mimic or tinker with your own voice until it is where you want it. A good rule of thumb to follow is a relaxed voice is a better sounding voice, says Graseella Bousheh.

These three characteristics (strong sense of internal optimism, the ability to connect with other people, and a good voice) are the driving force behind a successful motivational speaker. Graseella Bousheh possesses all of these qualities, and she is extremely excited for her first opportunity in front of an audience.

About: Graseella Bousheh has a strong sense of internal optimism, the ability to connect with other people, and a good voice, which makes motivational speaking her strong suit.