Terry Baltes Offers Advice on Becoming a Better Property Manager

Terry Baltes is a successful real estate broker who knows the value of good property manager in helping an individual or business benefit from their investment

Online PR News – 10-July-2014 – Dayton, Ohio – Terry Baltes is a successful real estate broker who has delivered high quality service for over 40 years. Terry Baltes has an acute eye for good property and is willing to see a property realize greater value over time, which over the years has allowed him to sell over $4 billion worth of property. There are many people interested, says Terry Baltes, in buying a property for the purpose of charging rent with only occasional personal use. It is imperative in these situations to make sure you have a good property manager, whose responsibility it is to maintain the property's value.

The first sign of a good property manager, explains Terry Baltes, is one who answers your calls consistently. It is cause for annoyance if your manager dodges your calls and returns them in an untimely manner. It could be worse than annoying if your manager is purposely avoiding you because there is a problem and the property value is falling. It is better to excuse yourself of this uncertainty and find a manager who keeps an open dialogue with you. That way, if any difficulties or opportunities arise unexpectedly you will be in a good position to collaborate and find solutions.

Another sign of a quality property manager, continues Terry Baltes, is that explain all managing costs in detail and before you begin dealing business. A manager who collects costs that come as a surprise is impressing that they are more interested in making a quick buck than growing the productive value of a property. The rewards from cultivating land through time and hard work far outweigh the rewards of hidden costs, which indicates to Terry Baltes that a manager like this does not have their heart in it, or they might not plan on sticking around too long. A good property manager will share your desire to see your property's value increase.

Property managers can be known to possess silver tongues, says Terry Baltes, but at the end of the day they need to speak with their actions. If you own a property such as a condominium or apartment that you rent out, this means the property manager must stay on top of maintenance and repair work. If repair needs are not taken care of immediately then your renters' experience will suffer, and that suffering will be taken out on your property's value.

Last but certainly not least, a good property manager will continually attract tenants to your property. This is obviously the whole point in buying an investment property with the intentions of collecting rent. A poor property manager will be either timid or lazy and stick to a small pool of potential tenants instead of branching out to new possibilities. This will hurt the value of your property and must be ended immediately, says Terry Baltes, if it is indeed occurring. There is nothing more frustrating than a prime piece of property collecting nothing but dust.

Terry Baltes concludes that owning a piece of investment property is an exciting opportunity that, when handled and managed correctly, will be worth much more than the rent payment you receive, although those are nice too.

About: Terry Baltes offers some valuable advice on how to differentiate between a poor and a successful property manager.