Announces Six 'Must Do' Strategies For Job Seekers

Online job search resource,, releases six 'must do' strategies for workers who have recently lost their jobs.

Online PR News – 18-March-2009 – – ALPHARETTA, GA -- Popular online job listing resource,, recently released six 'must do' strategies to help workers who have recently lost their jobs due to current economic conditions. By following's critical job search strategies, it is expected that unemployed workers will not only have a leg up on their competition, but will also be able to effectively review the current job market to maximize the opportunity for exposure to potential employers.

A premier tool for job seekers across the country, provides comprehensive online job listings, while offering a personalized approach to searching for jobs online. By registering for free at, job seekers are able to enter their background information and personal preferences, and can then sign up to have targeted job opportunities e-mailed directly to them as they become available. Additionally, people searching for a job can easily post their resume at, allowing employers to access to review potential job candidates at their own discretion. In addition to general job listing information, also provides much needed job advice, including how to target recession proof industries and finding flexibility in part-time occupations.

"With unemployment at more than 8%, we are currently facing one of the most challenging job markets in the history of our country. By following's 'must do' strategies, job seekers are overcoming even the most difficult job hunting hurdles," says Larry Fowler of ('s six employment strategies include:

1. Don't waste another minute. File for unemployment! – Unemployment is not only available to help people in need, but as former employees, it is also a right that has been earned. Job seekers should not be hesitant to collection unemployment for any reason. Unemployment information through each state's Department of Labor can be easily accessed online at

2. Immediately Reduce Expenses and Track the Family Budget! Job seekers need to ensure that every dollar is not wasted. For many, by simply reviewing their credit card statements and checkbooks, they may quickly determine that hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars could be easily saved. However, the commitment to reduce expenses must be a family effort through small sacrifices, such as eating out less or entertaining at home. This strategy should be a golden rule for everyone, regardless of employment status!

3. Pick 20 Targeted Potential Employers to Work for and Begin Researching Contacts To Call! However, before calling potential employers, job seekers need to ensure their resumes are updated, including all pertinent contact information. When contacting targeted firms, job seekers should be prepared to tell them how they are uniquely different and how their employment can benefit the firm's bottom line and/or increase their business.

4. Network! Network! Network! It is estimated that more than 85% of jobs are found through networking. Additionally, job seekers have a much higher chance of securing a job if they have a referral within the hiring company. To find potential referrals, job seekers should inform all friends, neighbors, previous coworkers and family that they are searching for a new career. Additionally, many communities and churches offer weekly support and network meetings. One such community networking resource is

5. Forget That Dream Job…For Now! When searching for a job, people need to ask themselves: Can I truly benefit other employers outside my desired job title? Is there a previous career that may provide opportunities? The key here is offering a valuable 'service' to others, whether it is a part-time, seasonal or an out-of-state job. In fact, more and more companies love hiring 'contractors' due to limited risks to them. Plus, such employers usually allow these types of employees to work out of the home. Additionally, job seekers should remember there are many online universities that make trade school training available virtually for anyone. In fact, veterans may even be entitled to free training and can learn more by visiting

6. Stay Positive and Remember You're Not Alone! According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average U.S. worker changes careers three to five times throughout their lifetime. Those people currently going through a career transition need to stay active, remain focused and talk to everyone. Additionally, with any spare time available, job seekers are encouraged to consider helping others in their community. This will not only help maintain a positive attitude, but may even create a greater appeal to employers seeking candidates who are team players and exhibit active perseverance.

" is committed to helping people through career transitions. We are confident our six job seeking strategies will not only help people find new career paths, but will also help them keep a positive outlook during a difficult time," concludes Fowler.

About A popular online job listing resource, ( is committed to helping job seekers through difficult career transitions. By providing many job search tools, including a listing of current job opportunities, educational resources, job advice and more, has helped countless job seekers find new and exciting career choices.

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