Dr. Kayhan Civelek DDS Urges OI Participation

Dr. Kayhan Civelek DDS asks that people offer assistance to Orphans International.

Online PR News – 08-July-2014 – New York, New York – Dr. Kayhan Civelek DDS is involved with a number of great international non-profit organizations. Orphans International is an incredible international organization which works to provide family care for Orphans all over the world. Dr. Kayhan Civelek DDS knows that Orphans International developed the model called family care as a way to not only stretch resources to help more children and families, but also as a way to enhance the lives of children.

Dr. Kayhan Civelek DDS has not only been involved with Orphans International but at one point was an advisor to the board. His contributions helped Orphans International further they cause of getting children who are orphans into homes where they will be loved and protected. Orphans International works from a model that helps to place children in the homes of family members and friends, Often the families orphaned children are placed with can not afford another mouth to feed. They way too often cannot afford to send the children to school.

As a result, an impoverished family can become even more impoverished. That is where Orphans International comes in, they provide the family with money to help pay for food and school supplies for the entire family as well as assisting with healthcare. The money also helps pay for a roof over the family's heads.

Orphan International also opens community centers everywhere they are working with families. Those community centers are the key as they work to provide additional education resources for the children of the families. They provide computers, health workshops, parenting education workshops and after school activities to the community so that the families and the extended families are supported and have the assistance they need.

While the program has been around since 1999, it has really taken off over the past decade as more people have become aware of it. As a United Nations partnered Non-Governmental organization, Orphans International has reached a global influence and is now in many countries helping more children than the founder, Jim Luce, could have ever imagined 15 years ago.

As Dr. Kayhan Civelek DDS became involved with Orphans International, he recognized the need for others to get involved. A respected leader in New York Dr. Kayhan Civelek DDS was a large reason that Orphans International continued to grow during the last decade. Orphans International continues to have a large need for assistance. Much of the assistance they need is in the form of money and spreading the word. While many people understand what Orphans International is doing and the love they are helping to bring across the world to those less fortunate, there is a definite need for an even larger outpouring of support.

So please visit Orphans International to find out how you can be more involved. They will not parade pictures of impoverished children in front of you. Instead, they believe that showing you images of hope through the images of children who are becoming a success and enjoying better lives as a result. Join Dr. Kayhan Civelek DDS today, and support Orphans International.

About: Dr. Kayhan Civelek DDS is a top Periodontist living in the New York area who was previously a board member of orphans International.