Decorated Serviceman Robby Toledano Looking Forward to Receiving Master's Degree in Legal Studies

Robby Toledano, a highly-decorated and well-educated member of the United States Marine Corps, plans to achieve Master of Arts degree in Legal Studies in 2015.

Online PR News – 08-July-2014 – Forest Park, IL – Robby Toledano, decorated marine and USMC Recruiting Liaison, is currently in pursuit of his Master of Arts degree in Legal Studies from American Military University. The degree, which he plans on receiving in 2015, promises to add to an already impressive list of academic credentials, one accumulated over many years of hard work, determination and sacrifice.

A decorated service member for over 18 years, Robby Toledano has been a long-time asset of the United States Marine Corps, serving both full-time and in the Reserves at various points in his service career. A veteran of the Operation Iraqi Freedom campaign, Robby Toledano has always been a man of dedication and commitment; a person of values who believes that no better opportunity to serve exists than the chance to serve one’s country in uniform. Now a USMC Senior Recruiting Liaison, he continues to uphold the mission and the values of the Marine Corps, and to provide the same level of service and dedication he has always demonstrated throughout a distinctive and honorable career.

Robby Toledano has committed himself to the pursuit of an education, believing that academics provide him the opportunity to not only become more of a well-rounded person, but they also provide him the chance to become a better, more effective Marine. Initially from Oak Park, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, Robby Toledano now possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from the University of Chicago at Illinois, as well as an MBA from American Military University. He hopes to continue to build on what is already an extensive amount of training and education in an effort to not only become a more effective Marine, but also a more productive civilian and member of the workforce.

Robby Toledano has undergone multiple academic and military training programs throughout his career, including USMC Ammunition Management and Accounting, Aviation Ordnance Equipment Training School, Marine Corps Recruiting School and training in Global Professional Sales. A former Aviation Ordnance Officer with the Marine Air Logistics Squadron in Okinawa, Japan, Robby Toledano has received some of the finest military training in the world, and continues to apply that training towards the development and maintenance of a respectable, successful and continually-thriving career.

Robby Toledano is talented in both art and in design, and has always been considered to be someone of substantial artistic skill. A creative thinker and effective problem solver, he has always been able to provide his team with outside-the-box solutions to complex problems, skillfully developing and executing plans that allow his team the best opportunity for success.

Robby Toledano believes in the power of education, and continues to pursue and add to his academic career due in large part to his passion and desire for learning. He is an adamant reader, particularly pertaining to the military and ancient history. Robby Toledano pursues continued success in both the military and in the academic community, and hopes to be of service to his country and community for many years to come. A skilled team leader and valued asset to the USMC, Robby Toledano goes after his goals with enthusiasm and determination.

About: Robby Toledano is a Marine, an academic and a Chicago-area native.