Loyal Community Member Janice Burch of Las Vegas Outlines Importance of Disaster Area Volunteering

Janice Burch of Las Vegas knows that in many of the worst hit disaster areas there are still millions who are displaced and many need help.

Online PR News – 10-July-2014 – Las Vegas, Nevada – Janice Burch of Las Vegas would like to call people out and remind them that many natural disasters are not recovered from for many years down the road. Although the media may no longer be paying attention, it is still important for all those who do care to remember that their help is still needed. So Janice Burch of Las Vegas today reminds people of some of the major disasters of the last decade that people are still struggling to recover from and could still use your help.

• One of the largest natural disasters ever to hit was the Indian Ocean Tsunami that struck. An undersea earthquake caused the Tsunami on December 26th, 2004. More than 225,000 lives were lost, and relief agencies believed that more than one-third of the dead were children. More than 9000 tourists on vacation were also killed. The countries affected have done incredible things with the rebuilding effort however more still need to be done, and volunteers are still accepted.
• The 2010 Haitian Earthquake continues to be a problem for many Haitians. Although many people, especially the media have seemingly forgotten about it, Haiti is still in dire need of support. They need people and money to do this day. Many people are still living in tents in extremely unsanitary places. Although the many volunteers there work hard to help, more help is always needed.
Janice Burch of Las Vegas remembers spending much of 2008 in Myanmar. Cyclone Nargis missed Myanmar but the storm surge it created did not. The storm surge killed more than 130,000 people by striking at densely populated areas. Entire Farming villages were just gone with little to show they had ever existed. The food, clean water and safe shelter shortage rages to this day.
• In 2005, there was a huge earthquake which killed more than 80,000 people in Pakistan. The refugees are still in refugee camps and need help for their basic sustenance. Most everyone there is from Pakistan and Kashmir and this disaster did not get anywhere near the outpouring of worldwide support as many others received. So they continue to struggle.
• In 2008, China had a very deadly earthquake, which killed 87,000 people. The earthquake mostly killed children because the children were poorly constructed schools when the earthquake hit. Aftershocks lasted for months and more the death toll, and damage grew. While getting to China to help is difficult, it is not impossible. And yes many people are still refugees with nowhere to go.
• While nowhere near as deadly, a magnitude 9.0 earthquake hit Japan in 2011. The earthquake also caused two of Japans Nuclear Reactors to have meltdowns. The fallout from the nuclear meltdowns lasts to this day, and most all of the land near the reactors is off limits because of radiation. All people who lived near there have been evacuated, and many are still homeless.

Janice Burch of Las Vegas knows these and other disasters cause a lasting impact on the survivors. Whether it is creating more orphans or leaving families homeless. Volunteers are needed so Please get involved today.

About: Janice Burch of Las Vegas is a dedicated international volunteer who spends here time traveling the world helping those in need.