Law Enforcement Professional Edward Poulson Celebrates Three Decades of Success with Oakland PD

Edward Poulson has had a long career in law enforcement with the Oakland, CA P.D.

Online PR News – 10-July-2014 – Danville, CA – Edward Poulson has spent his entire professional career in law enforcement, as a member of the Oakland, California Police Department. He has risen through the ranks to become a Captain of Police who worked closely with the Chief of Police.

Being a police officer provided Edward Poulson with many experiences during the course of his career. He joined the force as a Trainee but soon became a Patrol Officer, where he was assigned to various areas within the City of Oakland on the night shift, performing, as he put it, the duties of a solo police officer.

One of Edward Poulson's early experiences was serving as a background investigator on people who had applied for jobs with the department. By 1991, several years into his career, he was training new police officers who came to the street after completing their training at the Police Academy.

That was a little weird for everyone.

By the end of that year, Edward Poulson had become a Sergeant. Prospective sergeants must demonstrate exceptional leadership and management abilities. As mid-level command officers, they have to lead and motivate the patrol officers who work under them. Police Sergeants must also uphold the department's performance standards and make sure that all of its policies are followed.

To become a Sergeant, Edward Poulson had to meet several requirements, including passing an exam. Once he had the rank, he was assigned to the OPD's Criminal Division, where he conducted hundreds of investigations in the Robbery, Auto Theft, Felony Assault, Sexual Assault, and Internal Affairs units.

In 1997, Sergeant Edward Poulson was promoted to Lieutenant Edward Poulson, where he first served as a Watch Commander for a Patrol Division. In 2002, he became an Area Commander who managed as many as fifty-five officers and sergeants. He had around-the-clock responsibility for crime prevention, trend analyses, community involvement, and ongoing investigations in the downtown Oakland area. He later became Commander of the Oakland International Airport unit, where he directed all police functions within the secure area of the Airport, surrounding waterways, the waterfront area, and part of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. Edward Poulson was also responsible for preparing and managing a five million dollars budget.

In 2008, Lieutenant Edward Poulson began a temporary assignment, at the end of which he was promoted to Captain. His duties at this time included serving as the primary subject matter expert, and secondary negotiator, for the labor contract then being negotiated between the City of Oakland, and the Oakland Police Officers Association.

"I was on the management team, even though I was still in the Oakland Police Officers Associations Union," Edward Poulson remembers. "That was a little weird for everyone." The negotiations failed to reach a new contract agreement, and the matter was referred to binding arbitration.

During this arbitration process, most of the items that Edward Poulson had identified as primary issues that the Police Department management needed to take back, were in fact won back. "It was a sweeping victory," Edward Poulson says today. "I again received significant praise from OPD executive staff."

As a Captain of Police, Edward Poulson went on to be a key figure working with the Chief of Police, advising him on problem solving, program development, and project management on strategic initiatives. During this period he managed and developed a cross-functional staff of eight.

About: Edward Poulson is a cop who began as a Patrol Officer and became a Captain.