DairyMachineryReview.com Launches to Fulfil Modern Day Purchase Requirements In the Dairy Industry

DairyMachineryReview.com has launched to help those who operate within the dairy industry when buying machinery.

Online PR News – 07-July-2014 – Leicester, UK – In the current consumer market customers can search myriad information on any virtually any product they seek to purchase; from reviews on the latest ball-point pens through to live discussion forums about German muscle cars, and everything in-between. However, the same can’t be said for many trade markets and certainly not the dairy industry, that is, until now.

DairyMachineryReview.com has launched to provide those who operate within the dairy industry with an easy to use platform whereby they can discover information about any Dairy Equipment they are potentially looking to buy, including third party reviews, machine details, capabilities, manufacturer information and history, as well as much more. Covering butter, cheese, milk, yogurt and ice cream machines, users will be in a position to make a more educated and informed decision as to whether the machine they had in mind is in fact suitable for their current set-up and future ambitions, rather than purely relying sales orientated documentation.

Ben Leuty, Managing Director or DairyMachineryReview, commented: “The way people shop is evolving alongside the internet. In the years gone by, customers would typically see an advert, or already have a product in mind, and then go to the shop to see whether it was for them, or not as the case may be. These days, people see an advert and rather than go straight to the shop, they pick up the nearest laptop or tablet and search for reviews, star ratings and other such information which allows them to then and there create an impression on the products suitability before even leaving home or place of work.

“This ‘word-of-mouth’ information currently impacts over 80 per cent of global sales, a figure that I would imagine is even more profound with high ticket items such as cars and of course, industrial dairy machinery.”

Dairy Machinery certainly isn’t cheap and purchasing the wrong machine could have disastrous consequences on any company, but most certainly start-ups and SME’s. DairyMachineryReview’s review section minimises this risk as customers can now learn (and inform others) how a machine works in real-life situations, what, if any, problems others have faced as well as infinite other information that may not be clear from sales leaflets and other information. Furthermore, if there is any specific information that a customer requires that isn’t answered, there’s also a forum section where questions can be put out to the entire DairyMachineryReview community.

Ben continued: “Community is an important factor in DairyMachineryReview being operate to its full potential and help the industry. We aim to build an active, lively and close online community that will ensure that the industry and its machinery becomes an open book and those that work within it are, to an extent, protected from making ill-informed purchasing decisions. The DMR community will be able write reviews and ask and answer questions through a number of mediums including its own forum and reviews system as well as through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. If the whole community gets involved, it really could change the way people buy machinery for the better.”

Further to its ability to provide machine information, DairyMachineryReview also allows its users to post and apply for job vacancies, sell and buy machinery, search global exhibitions and keep up-to-date with all the latest industry news.

For more information about DairyMachineryReview, please visit www.dairymachineryreview.com, email info@dairymachineryreview.com or call +44 (0)7843 085 045.