TAU Launches its Second Issue of South American Journal of Public Health

TAU has launched the second issue of South American Journal of Public Health on July 2014.

Online PR News – 07-July-2014 – 07.07.2014/ Guyana – Texila American University has published its second issue, second volume of the South American journal of Public Health on 2nd of July, 2014. The first issue was released on February 2014. The journal is rich in more informative and interactive content which is the result of the research done by the TAU students and other academic researchers. http://www.eijasr.com/index.php/SAJOPH/issue/current/showToc

The journal is rich in diversified topics related to the public health which brings an awareness among the the people about the prevailing diseases and immunizations and other methods to be undertaken to prevent the same. Such journals are of great advantage and bring a lot of recognition to the authors and researchers. The journal has articles related to diabetes which is a serious and the most common disease among the people. It is the fourth leading cause of death in the World according to the perception of the World Health Organization. The article gives a peep into the prevailing causes about the diabetes. It also reveals the effects of the disease and the preventive measures to be taken to get rid of it. The article creates a sort of consciousness and awareness of diabetes among the people.

Other diversified articles in the journal include the addition of lead in the paint which causes Lead Poisoning. This is one o the adverse practices followed in some major countries that lead to death. It was found that 83 % of the enamel paints had higher than the approved levels of lead in some countries.

The next edition second volume third issue of the South American Journal of Public Health is expected to release in September 2014. Those individuals or researchers who have the article reviews or researches related to the public health can publish in the South American Journal of Public Health.

In addition, Texila American University will publish the second issue of the second volume of South American Journal of Medicine and South American Journal of Clinical Research in the upcoming months. At the end of 2014, Texila has planned t launch around 5 to 6 new journals.

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