Business Owner and Diamond Expert Yosef Bleier Offers the Best in Diamond Selection and Service

Yosef Bleier, the owner of Diamond Dealers Club NYC, continues to provide the amazing diamond selection and high-quality service.

Online PR News – 07-July-2014 – New York, NY – Yosef Bleier is a renowned business professional, entrepreneur and diamond expert, considered by many in the local area as one of the best and most knowledgeable diamond retailers in the city. He understands the ins and outs of the modern-day diamond market, and has consistently been able to meet the demands of a wide variety of loyal clients.

The owner and founder of the Diamond Dealers Club NYC, Yosef Bleier has earned the reputation as a caring and customer-focused business owner. His understanding and knowledge of diamonds and the diamond industry has been of enormous benefit to a large base of loyal diamond customers. He knows that every diamond consumer has a wealth of choices when it comes to diamond shopping, which is why he has striven to set both himself and his business apart from the herd with great deals, personalized customer service and a great, unbeatable selection of diamonds.

Yosef Bleier studied business at the Ohr Sameach, Jerusalem yeshiva, a renowned academic institution located in the heart of Brooklyn, New York. The time spent and lessons learned at Ohr Sameach, Jerusalem helped to instill in Yosef Bleier the importance of the customer service experience, as well as the skills needed to successfully navigate the difficult and highly-competitive world of business. With a high-quality educational foundation, an unsurpassed work ethic and strict adherence to ethical business principles, he has been able to transform what was once a humble diamond retailer into one of the city’s leading providers of high-quality diamonds.

Yosef Bleier has achieved enormous business success due to his intent and intense focus on the individual customer’s needs. A self-driven, friendly and savvy business professional, he knows what it takes to fulfill each individual customer’s needs, and has been making good on his promise of selection and customer satisfaction for many years. Yosef Bleier is invested not only in the continued success of the Diamond Dealers Club NYC, but also in the happiness of his customers. He provides diamonds that are right for any occasion, be it an anniversary, a proposal, and a simple way of expressing of a person’s love for a friend or spouse.

The diamond business is very important to Yosef Bleier, though the health and strength of one’s community is vital to the success of every professional and company within any local community. An adamant community volunteer and passionate philanthropist, Yosef Bleier believes that every business owner has a strong obligation to being of service to local nonprofit and charitable organizations. Not only is charitable involvement an effective way to raise awareness of your company, he believes, but it is also instrumental toward the continued health, strength and support of the community at-large.

Yosef Bleier is renowned for his consistent delivery of great customer service, but he is also widely known for his generosity, which has been of invaluable benefit to many throughout his neighborhood and the city as a whole. He has been an integral part of the planning and promotion of many powerful and successful fundraising events, dinners, auctions and more, and is often found volunteering at nursing homes throughout the region.

About: Yosef Bleier cares about the welfare of his customers, his company and the local community.