Entrepreneur Thomas H Huling Offers Tips on Building a Successful Company

Thomas H Huling began as a General Contractor

Online PR News – 12-July-2014 – Cranston, RI – Thomas H Huling has many years of experience in the finance industry. He is also a successful entrepreneur who has founded and directed multiple corporations. He has an extensive background in business development.

“I have excellent interpersonal skills, a professional attitude, and a firm personality to manage projects independently, or as a team member,” Thomas H Huling says.

Hire the Right People

One tip to enhance your company’s opportunity for success, says Thomas H Huling, is to seek out the people that share not only your enthusiasm for your company’s interests, but who are also invested in creating a better customer experience. It’s vital, he says, to have the right people in place; to create a foundation of good people that truly care about your company’s success.

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Have a Strong Framework in Place

Thomas H Huling understands the importance of having a company blueprint, something you’re company can follow, and that provides your employees the best opportunity to reach company objectives and better serve your customers. If you don’t have a strong organizational framework in place, he says, your company could collapse before it even gets started.

Focus on the Customer

Companies are built around people, says Thomas H Huling, so always be sure to make your service plan about the customer. Also be sure, he says, to treat your own people well, and to provide the training and wage they need to best perform in their positions. Your customer service will only be as good, says Huling, as the people you hired to provide it.

Thomas H Huling began his career as a general contractor in Rhode Island, where he was the founder and president of Multi-State Development. Between 1985 and 1995, He built Multi-State Development into a highly successful company. Among his many responsibilities, Thomas H Huling reviewed and authorized blueprints and site development plants, prepared cost breakouts and budget reports, and supervised construction teams of up to thirty people.

His success with Multi-State Development encouraged Thomas H Huling to branch out, and in 1995, he founded Multi-State Mortgage, Inc., a commercial and residential brokerage. Headquartered in Warwick, Rhode Island, the company operated throughout the New England area. He was one of its top licensed brokers, and regularly educated customers about financing products, and advising them about their best options for meeting their short and long-term needs. Thomas H Huling had a proven record of consistently meeting or exceeding customer expectations or sales goals.

In 2009, Thomas H Huling became the Director of Projects at Pro-One AG, a private technology development company in Liechtenstein. He was personally responsible for assisting the guidance and funding success of the company’s engineering project dealing with the reduction of CO2 in combustion engines. “In 2010,” Thomas H Huling said, “I purchased all shares of Pro-One AG, and rights to the German Patent with the intention of bringing the patented technology to the United States.”

That same year Thomas H Huling founded two corporations: the World Holding Group LLC, and Global Investment Company SA. The World Holding Group LLC was established as a U.S. Holding Company to manage multiple technology corporations to succeed on their own, but under the World Holding Group umbrella.

Global Investment Company SA is a private finance company “As Director of Global Investment Company SA, and a career financial professional,” Thomas H Huling explains, “I was personally responsible for the establishment of a registered Luxembourg Securitization Fund called Global Invest Fund,” which is usually referred to by the acronym GIF. “GIF offers a safe investment strategy to generate substantial recurring profits for its clients,” Thomas H Huling continues. “Access to this investment strategy requires multi-national financial relationships that I have developed over time. These relationships, which are proprietary, are critical to GIF’s investment strategy and success.”

About: Thomas H Huling began as a General Contractor before expanding to finance.