SugarCRM Integration with Any Billing Software

SugarCRM, customer relationship management (CRM) platform, is awell-known leader in open source CRM and is used to manage leads.

Online PR News – 06-July-2014 – Indore – SugarCRM, customer relationship management (CRM) platform, is awell-known leader in open source CRM and is used to manage leads, sales opportunities and build stronger customer relationships which results in higher conversion rates in sales. In any sales organization – Insidessales, Field sales and Account management teams are the biggest usersof CRM. Customer service (support team) is another team which uses CRMapplication extensively.
Sales teams use CRM to build new account relationship - by maintainingcustomer information, creating targeted campaigns, identifying leadsgenerated from campaign, different stages in opportunities, different interactions with customer etc- all this helpsin finding existing and future needs of the customer. CRM can be usedby sales team to forecast revenues and predict customer expectationsas well as buying behavior.
Customer service representatives (CSRs) use CRM extensively to capturethe call details, resolution of issues and improve the customer satisfaction. All the calls(phone or email) and interactions with the customer can be recorded inCRM. Looking at past, interactions are in most cases useful in resolvingcustomer’s current issue. CRM can be used as a ticketing system whereissue raised by client becomes a ticket which gets assigned to aservice rep. CRM workflows can assign ticket intelligently to theservice rep based on skill set and availability. A CRM is useful to CSRs as they can not only see historical interactions with the customer but can also find out which service rep worked with the customerpreviously and how issues were resolved. CSRs and Sales reps CRM canhelp in up-sell and cross-sell of the product offerings.
SugarCRM should be set up in such a way that it is utilized forday-to-day operations. This will be possible if customer centric datafrom different functions like billing, transportation, distribution isgathered and displayed in CRM. It will make CRM much more effectiveand also enable companies to utilize the full extent of CRM. Theinformation collected from other systems is invaluable to both salesteams and service representatives. This data can assist sales teamfrom moving leads through the sales process - building proposals,facilitate order booking and improve collections. This can also helpin developing targeted campaigns and getting detailed picture of yourcustomers.
One of the prominent integration points with SugarCRM is any billingsoftware. Billing system has details about the invoices, receipts andcustomer returns. This assists sales teams to ensure they are meetingtheir targets in terms of collections. CSRs use this information toattend to customer queries. Having the billing system details in CRMwill provide a single integrated view for CSRs and Sales reps for e.g.CRM can get key invoice information e.g. invoice amount, last invoice,invoice status, discounts offered on the last order from billingsystems and sales reps can use this information to complete theirsale.
SugarCRM and Billing systems can be integrated in a way that sales repor service rep may not have to login to two different applications toget the details. We can also ensure that the data in both SugarCRM andBilling is in sync at all times and users of both applications willsee the current information.
Integrations like this can enhance CRM tools functionalityexponentially and make sales and service teams operate efficiently