Brainvire Signed a Contract with Times Of India

“Brainvire signed an mutual contract with Times of India to provide comprehensive IT Consulting and business transformational services …!”

Online PR News – 06-July-2014 – chicago – “Brainvire signed an mutual contract with Times of India to provide comprehensive IT Consulting and business transformational services for a digitally connected data driven environment. Also, Brainvire will provide mobile strategy consulting services to address the transformation needs of the customers…!”

03rd July, 2014 – Brainvire one of the leading IT consulting and software development company today announced that it has signed an mutual contract to work collaboratively with Times of India (TOI) to deliver a comprehensive set of IT consulting services especially designed to help print-media companies go “Digital”as well as improve their competitiveness by leveraging Brainvire’s application development and consulting services across business landscape.

The integrated engagement includes leveraging their IT Application and Consulting Services to deliver a scalable and complete technology solution built across Microsoft platform that can be deployed within the existing infrastructures to help ease and automate the operation of critical business processes and technology. Through Brainvire’s consulting and transformation services, they will leverage their extensive experience in business and technology combined with a platform driven delivery of integrated IT services. In addition, Brainvire will also implement the mobility intiativies and SAP Business Suite for Print-Media solution portfolio across operations, technology and business processes.

Brainvire possess the technological inclination with cutting-edge technology implementation of mobile applications developed using advanced technologies which has helped them to deliver projects with highest standards and prudent use of available technology resources.

“Our collaboration with TOI leverages our offerings and skill sets to deliver a complete “Go Digital” solution that meets the business objectives, transformational intiatives and also help media industries to achieve operational efficiency, enhanced customer service and a new digital channel”, said Chintan Shah, CEO of Brainvire.

One of the key management speaker from TOI, said “Brainvire will deliver a holistic transformation with actionable solutions through its transformational and consulting services and will provide a complete solution that meets the changing and challenging needs of the print-media companies”.

The IT consulting services offered by Brainvire is backed by expert IT consultants and specialists which includes a team of business and technical consultants with expertise across many industry verticals as well as a strong ecosystem of delivering IT services and solutions capabilities to enable service transformation that meets the client’s unique business requirements.