Paramount California University celebrates 4th of July to spread the message of positivity

PCU conducted a seminar which highlighted the sanctity of Independence Day.

Online PR News – 07-July-2014 – Irvine, CA. –3-July – 2104 – Paramount California University is celebrating 4th of July with the spirit of spreading positivity all around. Paramount California is always one step ahead and looking for ways to change things around asking people to get out of the monotony, PCU is taking advantage of the most precious holiday to spread this message.

Seminars and conferences have been arranged to spread the message of positivity and through the message of 4th of July. Paramount California University plans to collect all those who are willing to give and realize their share of responsibility in the society. Fourth of July is all about remembering the spirit and sacrifices made for independence. The spirit of independent is so strong that it brings out the patriotic side of every individual.

The strength, equality and courage encourage Paramount California University’s Be the change concept which is to give back to the society and make your mark by doing any act of kindness which will bring a change.

Paramount California University salutes the spirit of integrity and sacrifice and wants to raise the feeling to happiness while fulfilling your social responsibility among people all around the world. This event helped PCU to give the message more clearly and motivate everyone into bringing a change.

A series of such events will be held on the Independence Day which only concern with the motive of Paramount California University will be the change motive. By these conferences Paramount California University seeks to see things changing all around and people looking at the world differently.

It doesn’t matter if that change is small or big it should be taken and taken now, these small changes will bring immense change in the society all together.

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